Saturday, August 25, 2007

MBTA Platform Work in Central Square

The Lynn Item is reporting that the work on the platform in Central Square is going to take a month. They are on that platform each day and it seems like all they do is draw and dig small holes. The plan is to resurface the entire platform. Should look nice from my windows, but I was hoping for something more exciting then that. They really need better lighting up there at night.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crazy Kite Men

We just took a walk down to the beach. The Friendship had just kicked off for its sail to wherever it goes after Lynn. It was pretty impressive to see that thing sailing next to the causeway.

Even more impressive were the crazy kite men. A bunch of grown men with helmets flying these enormous kites attached to three wheelers and skateboards and all sorts of crazy things. It looked like too much work to be fun, but it was really fun to watch.

I wish they would clean up lower Washington Street so the walk to the beach could be a bit more enjoyable. What happened to the North Shore Community College expansion I read about months ago?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do we really need a ferry?

To ferry or not to ferry?

I don't think i would use it. I currently take the commuter rail and it takes me 19 minutes to get to North Station. Who is going to take this ferry?

I see how it helps the waterfront develop, so I'm all for it in that regard, I just don't know if it's too soon.

Bring on the Blue Line.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Friendship Sails to Lynn

The Friendship will be docked at the Lynn Seaport Marina. This seems kind of cool. I might even head over this weekend to check it out. It's free and it's a short walk from downtown.

Welcome to the Downtown Lynn Blog

I am a new resident to downtown Lynn. I've been here for about a year now. My parents were born here and often tell me of what used to be. I see it coming back. I have hope for my property value. I think others out there do as well. I figured I would put this blog together to try and get the community talking about what's happening, and what's next. Rumors, gossip, news, etc. Bring it on.

Being here a year now, I just attended my 2nd Meet Me Downtown. As always, I was very impressed with Imaginary Beasts (formerly Iron Rail Stage Co), based out of Lynn Arts. The vendors were more numerous and there was a lot more for my nieces to do. It was a great day for downtown Lynn.

But, now the tents are down and we're still waiting for the new Boba Tea Cafe at 27 central to start work on that location. What about all the other empty storefronts? When and what is coming? Anyone hear anything?

Downtown Bistro is fantastic. If it was a little cheaper, I'd be there every single week. Because of it's price, I've gone once and will go on another big occasion sometime in the not so distant future. Why can't these restaurant owners figure out we have just enough money to live in Lynn. It's why we live here. Give us a great Bistro at Chili's prices, and you'd make a fortune.

Tis all for now. Don't know where this blog will go. I do own a condo in a Mayo building, so I'm sure I'll go there at some point. They do suck, as Lynn Lofts, the Skinny has made obvious.

Hope this can become a site where we can brainstorm on what we can do for our community and at the very least rant and rave about the good and bad.


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