Sunday, September 16, 2007

City Hall Meeting on October 2nd

I heard tonight that there will be a City Hall meeting on October 2nd about the current closing time of establishments such as the Downtown Bistro. The council currently has the votes to get the city to approve a reduction in hours from 2AM to 1AM. I think this is a horrible mistake.

Let's think about this reasonably. Most major cities are open till 2AM or later in other states. The reduction in hours will certainly hurt the revenue at Downtown Bistro, Tatiana's and other establishments in an already empty downtown. Do we really want Downtown Bistro to fail? Take away an hour of alcohol revenue and you are sure to help destroy their business.

This is insane. I hope lots of residents will get out to the city council meeting to support the Downtown Bistro and future restaurants in their fight to keep the hours as they are. If we don't, most restaurants and cafes will look to open up elsewhere.


  1. I understand that Lynn has more experience with shady dives than other sorts of bars and pubs. This city just needs to experience more places like Gulu Gulu and Downtown Bistro before they "Get it." I think they're really clueless about what it takes to bring an urban area back to life. It seems as though they're trying to turn Lynn into Melrose. Blech. I didn't move here for that.
    My solution to the issue is to keep the ruckus inside the ruckus rooms. Let the bars stay open late and people leave a few at a time rather than all at once, when they're too tired to cause any problems!

  2. You make a good point that downtown and the urban renewal occuring down here is much different then what might be good or more accepted in the more suburban sections of Lynn closer to Lynnfield, Saugus, etc.


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