Friday, September 14, 2007

Red Arrow Means Beep like Hell Until They Go!!!

Driving lesson for those of you driving into Downtown from Union Street. Red arrow means stop and you cannot take a right on red. Those people who are stopped and remain stopped at the red arrow should continue this pattern. Those people who lay on their horns trying to get people to run the red light, you should stop doing that.

What really needs to happen is a posting of a "No turn on red" sign at the corner of Union/Central.

While we're on the topic of driving in Downtown lynn. I've noticed that everyone drives really slow and really bad down here. Why is that?

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  1. Sorry to be so late to the party. UniversalHub brought me to your site and I stayed around after reading the linked story.

    This is a great blog. Maybe I'll come to Lynn for dinner sometime!

    In point of fact those horn-honker should get patient and wait because turns on red are not mandatory. However, they are correct and you are not concerning the meaning of a red arrow. It has the same meaning as a "red ball" for those vehicles desiring to make the turn in the indicated direction.

    Unless there is a No Turn On Red sign, it is perfectly legal to come to a full and complete stop and then, with caution, make the turn.

    Check out page 79 of the Mass RMV driver's license manual. It is pdf page three at this 1 MB link.


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