Saturday, September 8, 2007

Where oh where art thou, Boba Cafe?

A month or so ago a bunch of us residents went to a City Council meeting where the new owners of the Boba Cafe and Cyber Lounge were filing for a permit for a beer and wine license. This cafe is supposed to ultimately open at 27 Central. Anyone know if this is still in the works. It would be great for that section of Central to get a new storefront.

Any other rumors out there of businesses trying to get started in this area? What do we really need? Also, does anyone know what's going on with the building on the corner where Flag Pharmacy is? Is that going to be an expanded version of the pharmacy that is already there?



  1. I heard someone say that they couldn't get a loan. We need places like that. I think that just one or two cool new businesses will really speed up the leasing of the rest of downtown. I wonder how many places an area needs before people decide to go there to just walk around? We just have to cross that threshold...

  2. Yeah. We went to Marblehead to walk around the shops and see what each had to offer this weekend. Would be awesome if Lynn could get there.

    I think it takes a while before you have a destination like that. What we need is more cafes, restaurants, etc for people to come by during the day to grab a bite. I wish the theatre were better at Lynn Arts for a better option for night life. There used to be some pretty insane movie theatres downtown. My parents talk about the Paramount all the time. I think those either burned down or have been long converted.

    An art house like Kendall or Cabot St . Cinema would work well downtown. Oh well.


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