Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mayor Clancy.....Get a Clue

The arguments don't even make sense. Roll back the hours on bars for what effect???? THe majority in the room were for keeping the hours at 2AM. Salem Sate students driving to Lynn will now drive further to Boston for their late night activities and drive back even drunker to Salem. All this does is further prove that Lynn officials are out of touch with the electorate and what this city needs. We do not need more restrictions on business downtown. We need encouragement to come to Lynn and set up shop. If this goes into effect on January 1, it will be a good reason why I sell my condo and go somewhere that has even a remote chance at a future.

Clancy, you are officially a moron after the antics on October 2nd. The council should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring the public.

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