Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Love Those Illegal Fireworks

One of my favorite things about having windows looking out on three sections of Lynn are my crazy neighbors with their illegal fireworks displays. They seriously compete with each other over High Rock Tower and it's hilarious. It was no 4th of July, but was still a lot of fun. Next year, stock up. I want a real First Night display.

Happy New Year all. Here's to a successful 2008 for Downtown Lynn.


  1. It makes me a little nervous because Lynn has a history of catching on fire. Otherwise, it's nice.

  2. ... I have two memories of fireworks in Lynn, both around the early 90s. One was when they shot them off Seaport Landing and the wind blew the ashes inland and landed on the spectators. The second was when, despite the fact it was foggy and drizzly, they still shot off the fireworks and you could barely see them through the fog. GREAT planning!


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