Friday, May 30, 2008

Bruce Willis Crashes Downtown Lynn, MA

I got off the train from work today to movie crews swarming my neighborhood. It was Hollywood in Lynn, MA. Who'da thunk it? Look at that crane. It had some crazy light source on it.

Apparently they made the vacant storefront on the corner into an electronics shop.

All I could see through the door was a woman in a bikini while they were filming, after my fiancee pointed it out to me. NICE!!

There were a lot of people downtown crowding around to see what was today. If that's all this movie does for us is get groups of people outside and into the Gulu and Flavaz, then that makes me happy.

Kudos to whoever made this possible for the city of Lynn. I noticed actors camped out in Olson's property today. I assume he had a lot to do with making this happen downtown. Nice work!

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