Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mayo Group is Incredibly Unresponsive

Once again we are having problems with The Mayo Group in Lynn. I do not understand how they can continue to be incredibly slow at resolving our issues even in the face of potential lawsuits. We have been having a continuous problem with our building that they simply cannot rectify. Lights in our back staircase leading to the trash area are always out. Light bulbs just don't go out this quickly. Since there are no windows, even in broad daylight, we cannot see the last few stairs. I've fallen down them and now another resident has also fallen. Is it going to take a lawsuit to get their attention? Are people actually renting MV24? I would tread with caution.

- Incredibly Annoyed (Although I Should Be Used to It) Resident of 7 Central


  1. Good to know that I'm not the only one feeling the same way!!

  2. We have a building full of people who feel the same. We recently got RID of them as a management company, thank the lord.

    Only problem is they still own the units with the renters and the roof.

    Not to mention we'll be paying for their poor craftsmanship for as long as we live here.

  3. I almost bought in this project in 2005 and got tired of waiting. Bought in another "rehab" project and we are facing similar problems. I hear more and more complexes going through issues, including a class action law suit at the Charlton Lofts in Everett. Have the developers stepped up to the plate? You know you have up to 6 years of completion of construction to file suit under the statute of repose... We are now starting negotiations with the developement team to avoid going through a lawsuit.


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