Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The YMCA groupies

I love the YMCA. It's cheap. The two of us pay less then $70 a month. It has more then you would expect for amenities including a pool, basketball court, spinning room, and a racquetball court.
The staff is always very polite and keeps the place looking and working great.

The best part, however, is the guy that greets you when you come in every morning and is still there to wish you a nice day as you leave. Sometimes it's not just him, but a group of older guys shooting the shit in the lobby of the YMCA.

Does anyone know who this guy is or what is his story? I suppose I should stop and talk to him one day.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cafe Paolina is yumtastic!

We went to Cafe Paolina last night for dinner. What an awesome place!!! It is located in Swampscott on Humphrey Street. Once again not in Lynn, but alas. Why would a restaurant actually open in Lynn?? (pardon the sarcasm, that was for Clancy Clown)

It is an Italian restaurant. The owner was so sweet. They make their pasta fresh. The entrees were cheap and really yummy. They brought out a really great bruschetta to start things off. The best part is you get to bring your own wine. They provide the glasses and the corkscrew. How cool is that?

We will definitely be heading back there for more.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Downtown Bistro to Close????

Say it ain't so? I've heard rumors that the Bistro is closing on August 23rd. Apparently one of the partners wants out and the other doesn't want to go it alone. This is horrible. That place is great. Great food, great chef, great service, and it's here and is doing well.

I hate to see things that are working close up shop. We'll never get ahead in that scenario as a neighborhood.

Anyone know how to cook? Let's keep her open :-)


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mystery Solved - Sign Collector

For months, I've been trying to figure out what that "SAXON" sign was all about one late Thursday night when I was driving into Downtown Lynn. I thought it was part of the Bruce Willis movie shoot, but I guess not. The Lynn Item posted a story about the sign collector dude, Dave Waller. Can you believe the City of Lynn gave him a hard time when he lit one of the signs from inside his building shining out onto the street? It was very cool. I even thought for a second we had a new business in town. I should have known better. What business would want to come and get hassled by this local government. It's much better for a buildings to remain in the abandoned look and feel.

What's next, we can't have off-colored lamps in apartment windows? When are the next elections? I am going to help anyone who wants to run against Clancy!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Downtown Lynn - Best Italian Sub on Earth

If you haven't been already, you must go to the sub shop right next to Cal News and 47 Central in downtown lynn. He needs a real name and a real sign, since I don't even know what to call the place, but he has the food down to a science. I don't even know what was in that Italian but it was glorious.

They get a lot of repeat business from me. They have tons of options from Chop Suey to Chicken Salad, to gourmet Hot Dogs.

We need these places to stay in business and this is one that deserves to. Go get lunch and dinner there today!!

I challenge any sub shop to an Italian sub duel with this guy.

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