Saturday, August 9, 2008

Downtown Bistro to Close????

Say it ain't so? I've heard rumors that the Bistro is closing on August 23rd. Apparently one of the partners wants out and the other doesn't want to go it alone. This is horrible. That place is great. Great food, great chef, great service, and it's here and is doing well.

I hate to see things that are working close up shop. We'll never get ahead in that scenario as a neighborhood.

Anyone know how to cook? Let's keep her open :-)


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  1. I noticed that the Athanas story with all the comments about Downtown Lynn was removed from the Item's site. Based on the amount of comments it had, it should still be the second or third on the list of most commented. I'm wondering of all the talk about selling and closing (Gulu and Bistro) had anything to do with it? Something smells, and it's not coming from the Nahant Rotary this time.


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