Friday, August 1, 2008

Downtown Lynn - Best Italian Sub on Earth

If you haven't been already, you must go to the sub shop right next to Cal News and 47 Central in downtown lynn. He needs a real name and a real sign, since I don't even know what to call the place, but he has the food down to a science. I don't even know what was in that Italian but it was glorious.

They get a lot of repeat business from me. They have tons of options from Chop Suey to Chicken Salad, to gourmet Hot Dogs.

We need these places to stay in business and this is one that deserves to. Go get lunch and dinner there today!!

I challenge any sub shop to an Italian sub duel with this guy.


  1. I'm not a big fan of subs in general, but if they have veggie friendly stuff I'll check them out!

    You should post this on in the forums, under Restaurant Reviews!

  2. Lynn Happens should pull in our RSS feeds so I don't have to post twice.

    They do have tons of veggie options from pasta to salads to vegetarian sandwiches.

  3. Ah.. the earlier version of the bulletin board software had a 3rd part plug-in for RSS. Version 3 is still sort of new and there isn't one as of yet. I have no idea why it isn't a standard feature.

  4. The best Italian Sub anywhere The place is called the Big Belly Deli.
    It had the best Meatballs in the whole world, sauce you'll want to drink Its awesome!!! Best Lasangna
    Best homemade chicken salad ever
    The Big Papi sandwich is a work of delicious art. They make Sicilian pizza to die for Everyone is talking about there new location still on washington st across from north shore college. bigger place, lots of parking cheap great food. This place will be famous his food and his prices will get everyone The Big Belly Deli on washington st. lynn ma


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