Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok, so I just witnessed a crazy undercover sting in front of my house. Behind a speeding moped, running a red light there were two guys driving an SUV. One wearing a bright red football jersey. The other nondescript. Is that really undercover in Lynn or is it just trying to get mugged? I don't even think it was a Pat's jersey. But alas, our incredible men in blue (or red) didn't even give a written warning. I believe I heard, "Just take it easy. People can't see you weaving in and out of traffic." Ummmmmmmmm.....yeah.. I guess if they had been killed running the red light or killed someone else, then it might have been interesting to Lynn's finest. Which leads me to another thing... Shouldn't our special forces SUV unit be up to something more interesting then pulling over mopeds??

Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Is Up Downtown

Police are scouring the neighborhood with the help of the Sheriff's Department. An ambulance and fire truck got involved for about 5 minutes but it looked like that was a false alarm as they moved on pretty quickly down the street after only a few moments in that location. They are now combing the area for someone or something. Too bad I can't radio over to them and help out from the top floor here. More to come if I find out anything.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who Wants to Run Against Mayor Clancy?

I have some signs and a few markers and I will write anyone's name on them. Anyone!!!!!! Somebody has to run against this guy. Read this article. Everything he claims he's "done" for the City of Lynn is a failure and he's proud of all of it. I will be the first to admit I was duped into moving here, but I also see tons of potential and nothing being done about it. All I see are things being done to destroy it. I will write in someone before I vote for the Chipster.


Monday, September 15, 2008

I Just Watched My 2nd City Council Meeting

The first time I had to leave work early to see in person. This one, I was able to watch on Thank you Seth. This is an amazing leap forward for our community. Great quality, I got used to the sound. Wish the main council secretary would speak into her microphone.

What I saw impressed me. For the most part, these elected officials are fighting for us. A couple of debates impressed me. The denial of a request for a private company to come in and dig up the streets and install ugly devices on public telephone poles. Also, The rally around the foreclosure problem in the city of Lynn and figuring out ways to get these abandoned homes occupied and fixed up and/or demolished. Some good work going on which makes you wonder why Cyr made them look like a bunch of jerks in the first place. Let all the cameras and flash photography (Mr. Cahill) that people want to bring. The council should be honored to be so desired.

To be clear, Mr. Cyr wasted a lot of taxpayer dollars in fighting this thing and I hope Lynn CAM isn't discouraged by his antics. It seems obvious to me, they won't enforce any of those stipulations as they are for the most part, completely ludicrous and it seems as if most of the chamber agrees.

I applaud the few in the chamber that spoke up about the absurdity and even illegal actions proposed in those stipulations.

Bravo City Council and Thank You Seth!!!


GE's Lynn operation to get $96 Million

Nice money from the government coming directly to General Electric in Lynn. This is great news.

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