Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok, so I just witnessed a crazy undercover sting in front of my house. Behind a speeding moped, running a red light there were two guys driving an SUV. One wearing a bright red football jersey. The other nondescript. Is that really undercover in Lynn or is it just trying to get mugged? I don't even think it was a Pat's jersey. But alas, our incredible men in blue (or red) didn't even give a written warning. I believe I heard, "Just take it easy. People can't see you weaving in and out of traffic." Ummmmmmmmm.....yeah.. I guess if they had been killed running the red light or killed someone else, then it might have been interesting to Lynn's finest. Which leads me to another thing... Shouldn't our special forces SUV unit be up to something more interesting then pulling over mopeds??

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