Friday, October 3, 2008

Neighborhood Meeting

Last night was the Neighborfest at Tatiana's. It was so inspiring to see all the residents come together. It was also amazing to see how many elected officials showed up and stayed for the night. The two State Reps were in attendance, Fennell and Walsh. Bob Fennell received the most applause of the evening, no doubt due to his killer omelettes at the Capitol Diner, but he also does a lot for this community. Just today his name was on some money freed up for some after school activities in Lynn to combat some of the teen violence recently in our area.

The mayor is an embarassment. He got up and spoke for 10 minutes about absolutely nothing. He kept saying that we are in "nuetral." We are not in reverse, we are in nuetral. He gave no vision or plans for how we are going to get out of that state. He pointed at the crowd and made it our problem. While I agree, that we are a big part of the solution, it would be nice to have some vision from the top. Apparently it's going to take next years election to get any. Would someone please run against Mayor Clancy.

There were a lot of City Council members present. That was very nice to see. Council President Tim Phelan spoke. I'm beginning to like this guy a lot. I liked his comments after the vote on taping the council meetings and his commentary on the state of our downtown last night also showed that he is in touch with what is going on.

Councillors Mackin and Colucci were also in attendance but did not speak. I had a brief conversation with Colucci. He was good at listening to the issues. I'm hoping he's thinking of some solutions.

I'm looking forward to a next meeting and hoping it includes Q&A. I was very dissapointed the police department did not show up, but I understand it's been a bit busy for them lately. Two years ago when I bought my condo, I would tell everyone that the crime was gone and it was fine down here. I don't feel that way anymore. It seems like we have a teen shooting or Amber Alert every week these days. I see prostitutes at the corner of Broad and Exchange on a regular basis now and this is a new thing.

Good momentum. How do we keep it going?


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