Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Hungry

I'm ready for Turbine and The Blue Ox. Anyone know when they will be opening? The Blue Ox has a sign on their window that points you to a website that has absolutely nothing on it but a "Coming Soon" sentence. Not sure if Turbine has anything up online yet? Let's get the word out about these places. Who's heard what? If they won't market themselves, we'll do it. We should definitely organize some big Downtown Lynn parties at both places. I'm HUNGRY and I don't want to go to Swampscott for food anymore!!!



  1. Hi Corey,

    Thanks for mentioning The Blue Ox on your downtown blog. We are excited to be opening in the neighborhood! I'm in the process of designing a website (about 90% complete) and it will be live soon. We hope to be opening at the end of March. You should see the changes we are making! We have doubled the dining space by breaking into the yoga studio next door and have revamped our bar area by adding banquette seating and cocktail tables of the opposite wall from the new granite bar. Also, we plan to have an opening reception specifically for the downtown lynn loft community, so send me your email address and I'll send along the invite when we have all our ducks in a row. I look forward to meeting you and hosting you!

    Joanna O'Neil
    Manager, The Blue Ox

  2. Hi Joanna,
    Thanks for saying hi. We are definitely looking forward to you coming in to downtown lynn. If you need website help, graphics design work. We have tons of artists who live downtown who would probably be able to do good work cheap for the sake of the neighborhood. Let us know how we can help and definitely send us some teasers about the menu, opening date, etc.


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