Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Greek Restaurant: They looked so lonely in there....

Has anyone tried the new Greek Place on Oxford St? We walked by it after a great night at The Blue Ox and there were four people just staring out into the street hoping that one customer would walk inside.

I think we'll be brave and try it next week.

If you're listening, you have two major problems.

1. I still don't know the name of your restaurant and I've looked at your signs twice. The big Paradiso sign across the top of the building does not help your cause.

2. The inside still looks like the dive bar that I believe got shut down for something. I can't find the news story.


  1. I wish I could see a menu, first. I don't want to walk in and then have to say "Sorry, I can't eat anything you have." I'd feel bad about it. These people must be old-school.

  2. noticed this is closed now. Not a surprise. We should give them an award for worst marketing EVER!


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