Friday, April 10, 2009

When you get to The Blue Ox...

don't even ask to be seated. Just walk straight into the kitchen and start eating anything that's there. That's how good the food is. The night in jail will be totally worth it.

Where to begin? We walked in around 7PM. There was already quite the crowd established. Incredible shows of support from Boston Machine Lofts (or BML as I have found it is affectionately called), Sloan Lofts, the Keith Building and 7 Central (now that we learned of BML's cool nickname, we want to be known as 7C). I digress.

The food. It was like a slow tease. They bring out some very good cheese and to die for ravioli. They follow it up with a flat bread pizza that makes you want to forget every other pizza place in this town (and there are a few in Lynn). Next, came the hand cut fries with ketchup. I was yelled at when I went for just ketchup, to also try the aoli (at least I think that's what it was called). I was very happy I followed instructions. WOW!

Pasta Fagioli was the next thing out the gate. Impressive. Pasta soup with Ham is the best I can describe it. I can't pronounce it, but I'm gonna order lots of it over the next few years so maybe I'll learn.

Ok, now, I have eaten many a burger in my day. The Blue Ox burger came out in slider fashion (on the menu it shall be full size) and word spread around the restaurant about these things. So much so, that we strategically changed location in the building to make sure we got the next batch. Delicious burger, with blue cheese oozing from the center of the patty, topped with mayo and one of the best buns I've ever eaten.

They have really outdone themselves for the neighbors. This was an extreme show of neighborhood loyalty in both directions. Even the decor gave credibility to their statements on wanting to help build the downtown area. There was art placed on the restaurant walls of the buildings and landmarks in downtown Lynn. To top it all off the beer and wine was free. You want to get at the heartstrings of a bunch of young professionals and artists, you give them free alcohol and you might never get rid of them.

You got me. I will be back and then back again to The Blue Ox. It opens April 15th to the public. This is a destination. People from Boston should come to Lynn to eat there. It's worth it.

Thank you to the crew at The Blue Ox. I look forward to my next visit.



  1. Glad to hear it's great. I live across the street in the Munroe Lofts and didn't know about the neighbor event. Any chance we can be in the know for future events?

  2. Absolutely. The best way to be informed is to join the DTLna (Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association). I'll ask Seth to chime in on here about how one goes about that.


  3. Great - We'd love to join! Been in Lynn for almost 4 years now and really want to see the downtown area thrive. Thanks!

  4. To get on the list, just drop me a message through the "contact" tab of or through my blog, (I'll have an address set up soon)



  5. Seth - Thanks! Doing that right now.


  6. Renee,

    You can get information on the events and happenings and sign up for email at

    Joanna is great at making plans and keeping everyone informed.

    You have to stop by. I saw in the Boston Herald that Forest Whitaker and his wife ate at the Blue Ox, too.

    Matt is a great guy and a great Chef. He also is the Cooking Coach on

    Check it out - you won't be sorry.


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