Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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As I get more info on her campaign, I will share.

We must all get out to the polls. Chip must exit City Hall!!! It's our last hope.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meet Me Downtown

The Meet Me Downtown festival took place in Central Square today. I got lots of great pics of the goings on. Check them out on

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Central Square Cleanup

Very nice to see a lot of the neighbors outside helping to clean up the square. I got yelled at a few times for "weeding." I kept going. I don't want that kind of green downtown. I do think the businesses should sponsor those trees and mulch them or plant some flowers. Grass would probably get overgrown. Would make a big difference.

Soraya did a great job organizing. The DPW was there with equipment and supplies. The Mayor was there. I've seen him more in the last two days then I've seen him in my 3 years of living here. I'm going to stay positive and be grateful that he's involved even if it is only for a few more months.

Anywho, Downtown is looking good. Come eat at the Blue Ox, check out the community garden (smells terrific), buy some earrings at Omar and Oscar, grab a coffee at Dunkins, an ice cream at Flavas and on September 27th, take a karate lesson. The square is starting to take on a new shape. Let's keep it going.

P.S. That Brendan Crighton was there again, and unlike the mayor, he actually had a broom in his hand. I'm liking this guy. Judy, where were ya?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Been a Long Lynn Night

I got home at about 7 from work to a blocked off Central Square. Apparently there was a roadrace (I didn't know about) finishing right in front of our door. If I had known, I would have run. OK, maybe not, since everything in Lynn happens before we all get back from our jobs in Boston. OK, and maybe because I don't run. Anyway, Fun fact #2, Chip Clancy and Brendan Crighton were running in it. I actually think that's pretty cool. I'm encouraged, so far, with Brendan's commitment to the neighborhood. I think he'll have no problem in the election since all we know about Brendan's opponent is that he has one. I struggle to remember his name and I even saw it once when I voted in the primary.

Anywho, after a very eventful stop in Central Square to talk to the paparazzi and listen to a Beatle's cover band I headed inside. I had a craving for Blue Ox burgers so I headed over to The Blue Ox. Dan Cahill was having some sort of event there. He's growing on me as I learn more about him. I met the Chipster and shook his hand; but have no fear, my dear reader(s). I meant it mostly as a farewell gesture. :-) Go Judy!

My point is, the Blue Ox was hoppin' and I love to see that.

We need more restaurants. More nighttime happenings. Where the hell is turbine?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To Turbine or Not to Turbine

that is the question? Is it not going to open? Is it fights with the Mayo-nnaise Group? The residents of Central Square will help. If the hype should die, then it shall, but I want to keep it going.

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