Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Been a Long Lynn Night

I got home at about 7 from work to a blocked off Central Square. Apparently there was a roadrace (I didn't know about) finishing right in front of our door. If I had known, I would have run. OK, maybe not, since everything in Lynn happens before we all get back from our jobs in Boston. OK, and maybe because I don't run. Anyway, Fun fact #2, Chip Clancy and Brendan Crighton were running in it. I actually think that's pretty cool. I'm encouraged, so far, with Brendan's commitment to the neighborhood. I think he'll have no problem in the election since all we know about Brendan's opponent is that he has one. I struggle to remember his name and I even saw it once when I voted in the primary.

Anywho, after a very eventful stop in Central Square to talk to the paparazzi and listen to a Beatle's cover band I headed inside. I had a craving for Blue Ox burgers so I headed over to The Blue Ox. Dan Cahill was having some sort of event there. He's growing on me as I learn more about him. I met the Chipster and shook his hand; but have no fear, my dear reader(s). I meant it mostly as a farewell gesture. :-) Go Judy!

My point is, the Blue Ox was hoppin' and I love to see that.

We need more restaurants. More nighttime happenings. Where the hell is turbine?

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