Saturday, October 31, 2009

Councilor-at-Large - We need to pick 4 of 6

The six are


That's also the order. I should take Duffy off the list so you never hear his name again. Google Steven Duffy and read about his tax situation. But more importantly, listen to him debate while he chews his gum. Honestly! GUM! When asked about Downtown, he has no faith that anything can be done. We'll never see the Downtown Lynn we once knew. Really???

Meimeteas seems like a nice guy, but is very disappointing from a poitical angle. To listen to him you'd think I wouldn't be able to even leave my apartment in Central Square without getting shot. He took his business out of downtown and moved it over towards Buchanan Bridge. Oh well.

So those are my two NOs

I have two Maybes. Phelan and Crowley - They are both fine in my opinion. Crowley slightly outweighing Phelan.

That leaves me with two absolute YES votes. Eugene Shneeberg and Dan Cahill - Both have real visions for the Downtown area and Lynn as a whole. Eugene is the real deal. Working with kids to get them into more productive uses of their time outside of school. He has a proven track record of helping to bring real grant money into this city. Let this work continue on a grand scale. We all will benefit from his leadership. Cahill also has a great approach when it comes to downtown. Get Lynners to invest in itself. Go downtown to eat. Go downtown to purchase goods.

These are my opinions. I don't think they changed as I heard them answer each question from when I heard their opening remarks on knights of columbus debate.

DO NOT vote for Duffy

VOTE for Eugene Shneeberg and Dan Cahill

But more importantly, don't listen to me. Watch the debate and make up your own mind.



  1. I've been staying largely neutral for the benefit of LH and its readers, but I must step out for a bit just to say that Duffy's remarks on Downtown at the K of C Councilor-at-Large debate sealed my opinion of him instantly.

    It's one thing to say that we won't go back to multiple movie houses and huge family owned department stores. That isn't happening anywhere in the United States. But, Duffy made it seem as though any effort isn't worth it.

    The fact is that urban centers have re-invented and revitalized themselves all over the country, and ours is probably far from even the most challenging of cases.

    Also, a turnaround of DTL will benefit all of Lynn, as well as how Lynn is perceived by the rest of the state, which is something I wish more people here would understand.

    Instead, some politicians play wards off each other - a bad move. We are one Lynn. Do not vote Duffy.

  2. There is a school of thought that says just vote for the 1 (maybe 2) at-large councilors you really want to see get in. If you vote for a slate of four, you bring up all four candidates' total votes; whereas if you vote for the one you really want, you just bring up his and no one else's. This race is decided on total votes--the 4 highest totals. Schneeberg came in last in the primary. I am considering "bullet voting" for him. But I also want to see Crowley and Cahill stay. Phelan is a shoe-in.

  3. I think I'm placing votes for Schneeberg and Cahill. The rest is up to fate.

  4. I think it's awesome that Seth is the independent news source for Lynn, but I really want to hear his thoughts on more then just Duffy!!!!! :-) One day left Seth, endorse some peeps!!! lol


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