Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am a Democrat.... and I am for Judy Flanagan Kennedy

The mailing we got today from "The Massachusetts Democratic Party" made my wife and I ashamed to be Democrats. This is a new low and is completely praying on those people it claims to want to protect.

Listen to what Judy has to say for herself. Party affiliations has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Mayor's office. Has absolutely NOTHING to do with Lynn City Hall. Furthermore, the Massachusetts voters are always putting Republicans in leadership posts. What matters, is what they stand for and what they will do once in that position.

Judy wants open government. She wants to post the budget online in hopes of fostering an educated conversation when it comes to the tough decisions we will have to make in this economic climate.

Judy wants the best and brightest helping to make Lynn strong once again (regardless of where they choose to sleep at night)

Judy wants to hire a grant writer and get the city focused on bringing in funds to save jobs, services, and provide the boost our local economy needs to bring us back into the spotlight.

Don't be fooled by these shady tactics entering your mailbox.

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