Saturday, October 31, 2009

The City of Lynn, MA - Why do I care?

I think it's important to take a time out from the campaigning and talk about why we care. I've lived in many different places over the years and elections have come and gone and I've barely noticed. Three years ago, I decided to become a homeowner. I knew I wanted a loft but that was about it. My real estate agent took me to Lawrence, Lowell, Salem, Boston, Cambridge, Sommerville, and finally to Lynn. I fell in love with Downtown Lynn almost instantly. No one lived in my building at the time, but I immediately saw the potential. There were ZERO businesses in Central Square (even the Dunkin Donuts didn't exist). I thought back to my parents stories of Lynn growing up and how we would always be here visiting my grandparents. I'm fighting for their Lynn. The Lynn of which Charlie and Marion Hersey were proud to be a part. The Lynn that Claude and Madeliene Jackson lived in happily for years. The Lynn where Charlie Hersey (stage name "Ken Stone") entertained in Manning Bowl and on Lynn radio for years.

My dad used to work right across the street from the now burned-down Capitol Theatre. The business had live chickens which were killed fresh for the patrons. (ummm... kind of glad that shut down). Every time my parents visit they reminisce about the stores they used to go to on Union Street. About the pharmacy in Central Square where they used to go after school to get Tuna Fish sandwiches. Not sure why the pharmacy sold tuna, but it apparently was the best tuna in town. :-)

Over the past month, I've got to meet some wonderful people working for the campaign. Retired GE employees, former educators, lifelong residents, and retired and active firefighters. As I listen to these people, It makes me so happy I made the decision to come back here. To start a third generation of living in Lynn for the Jackson and Hersey families. I already see progress that has been driven by the residents who chose to move here. We now need to elect the right leaders to help us. When you go to place your vote on November 3rd, make sure who you vote for is someone who is going to help the residents with the next leap forward. Someone who is going to drive Lynn over the next 4 years to an even more beautiful place then it already is.


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