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Lynn Mayoral Debate - October 7th

The mayoral debate has been posted to

Has anyone ever seen The Music Man? Our Mayor reminds me so much of Mayor Shinn in that movie. An uncanny likeness. A political powerhouse brought to that position by ignorance by the voting public. I don't think it's the public's fault that we're in this position. I think it's caused by several years of closed door city hall politics. Our current government does not listen and it's so clear that even when they do hear us, they don't care. Change is necessary more than ever. Don't use the economy as an excuse. If anything, this economy is an opportunity to take advantage of federal stimulus, state stimulus money, and getting the people of Lynn together to PARTICIPATE in our government. This is why I support Judy Flanagan Kennedy, and this is why our Mayor, Edward "Chip" Clancy, must be voted out of office on November 3rd.

Watch the video. Make the decision for yourself. Here's some help:

- Manning Bowl
Judy wanted to preserve this beautiful structure and investigate renovations. The Mayor wanted it destroyed and would NOT LISTEN to other options. Today we've lost a tribute to the great public works projects of the 1930s when this nation came together and created jobs for those in desperate need. My grandfather, Charlie Hersey (stage name Ken Stone), sang in that structure and it was one of most depressing days of my life when I drove by that empty plot of land. A part of Lynn's heritage, destroyed. In its place, a fenced in football field with no showers for 12 million bucks, 100% over budget.

- Open Government
Judy fought for public access LynnCAM to be able to tape our city council meetings and will push for more committees to be taped and shared with the community. She will also fight to put these online so we don't have to be watching a public access schedule to see our government at work. The Mayor had no real response to this. It will remain business as usual.

- Public Safety
Mayor says he hasn't laid off a single uniformed employee in this most horrific economic crisis. All well in good, but uniformed fire fighters have gone from 245 to 163. Ladders have been closed down. Mayor bought a new fire truck, but coverage still isn't acceptable for Wards 3 and 4. Uniformed police down from 189 to 170. No layoffs, but certainly less bodies. He takes credit for the building of the new police station, a project well underway by former Mayor Pat McManus before he took office.

- Transportation
This one I wasn't too happy about but honestly, this is state and federal money to really make a difference. There's little our Mayor is going to do. I'm not happy with Clancy's response about this connection from Western Ave to Boston without a red light (as that makes no sense and I don't see how it's even possible). I don't like Judy's lackluster commitment to the Blue Line extension (I do agree with her that it will take a long time, but it needs some champions)

- Residency Requirement
Mayor says we must have employees of Lynn, living in Lynn. Judy wants the right person in the job no matter where they sleep at night. The qualified person. She will uphold the city charter, but I feel she would also like to see it changed. I hope that is the case. We need new ideas and some of them should come from outside our borders.

Wow. The more I write, the more I'm certain Judy is a big part of the solution for a better Lynn. No doubt Lynn has had major progress in the last 8 years, but I don't credit Clancy with any of it. Our State Reps have done more for Lynn then our Mayor has. We don't get the respect we deserve at any level, because we're running such a closed, ancient city government. It's time to embrace modern times and a leader who will bring us into 2010 with a bang.

I am a third generation Lynner. It makes me sad that most of my family does not live here anymore. When I think about having kids, I have a hard time imagining raising them in Lynn. I want that to change. Judy Flanagan Kennedy is just the beginning.

November 3rd y'all.

Watch the video!!!!


  1. Mayor Schin is really hitting the nail on the head. I had to laugh since I was in a production of the show back in 1974 and even the guy who played the role looked just like him. What a flash back.

    The fact is that Clancy seems to glow when taking credit for others hard work and doings. It's time to stop running scared and look to new people, new places and new blood for ideas.

    Take a look at Eugene Schneeberg who is running for Councilor at Large. He is well versed in Grant writing which the city is in real need of. He knows about grant source funding that could be helping the city. Judy Kennedy even expressed the need for a grant writer at the Debate. Not only that, but he holds a degree in Urben Affairs which could only be a plus in this city which has had years of both a Mayor and a an intrenched City Council with no back ground in these matters.

    Lynn as everyone is well aware of has a problem with gangs. Eugene works with the gangs of Lynn every day and want's to work with a Mayor who is willing to step up and deal with the situation the way it needs to be done. We already know that it's not Chip Clancy.

    Clancy is to closed to anything new and original,or outside the box. Time and time again he has shown that he is unable to take the right steps when it comes to dealing with the gang situation and figures that he can just leave it up to the police to deal with. It's going to take more then the police to fix the problem.

    As for the minorety groups in this city, they don't like him.

    Clancy when asked about hiring minorety people, sat back and talked about how he had hired an African American 30 years ago who left one or two years later. Yet he is so proud that he did it. Has he ever hired another one or two or more? No!

    Once he hired an Hispanic. This person left for another position as well and that was years ago too. Again was this person ever replaced with another minorety? No! Yet, he is proud of his record which speaks for it's self as he often reminds us. Two minority's hired in 30 years. Now that's a record one can be proud.

    Is it just me and the other minorety people of Lynn or does Clancy have an under lying dislike of the ethnic groups in this city?

    If anyone has a chance to read the afidavit that's been floating around the city, that states that Clancy used the "N" word when referring to one of the ethnic groups in Lynn.

    This might be a reason some minorety groups don't seem to like him.

    Clancy is out of touch with any part of Lynn that is out of the Ward One area because for him the rest of Lynn does not really seem to matter unless it is in his best interest.

    It does matter to the people who live in those other Wards. The rest of Lynn is a sleeping giant that will awaken and rise up one day with such anger.
    What will Clancy do then?

    I suppose Clancy can be a nice guy. However nice does not qualify him for the job especially when he is nice to those with the big bucks and looks down on those who have little.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough response. I would love to see that affidavit and better understand if there is truth to that. I would like City Hall to better reflect the makeup of this city. Eugene will be a great addition to the council. He's had my vote for a while. I like everything I hear about him.


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