Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mr. Mayor - How did I get on your mailing list?

"The choice is clear!"

This is the statement boldly printed on these expensive mailings. It's a shame that these kind of tactics might actually work just because he's in office and has collected some serious cash over the years to finance this campaign.

The most recent mailing is a collection of out of context statements and for the most part should be considered lies.

Let's take them point by point:

1. Councilor Kennedy ranked raising your property taxes as her #1 option to increase city revenue in the North Shore Labor Council Municipal Candidate Questionnaire.

TRUTH: This is a true statement taken completely out of context. At the debate she explained that she looked at this with some thought as to her power at the city hall level. Property taxes were the only thing she would have any power as Mayor to change. Everything else was beyond city hall's control. This was something Mayor "Shinn" Clancy was unable to understand. For more, watch the debate video on

2. Councilor Kennedy opposes and voted against the enforcement of Lynn's voter approved Residency Law.

TRUTH: This is true but again taken out of context. We need to look beyond the city's boundaries for the right leaders for our great city. It is not necessary for all jobs in Lynn to be held by Lynn residents. It actually makes very little sense. We need to bring in the best and over time make this a place they will all want to live. Mayor Shinn's Lynn is not that place.

3. Councilor Kennedy is financed and supported by bar owners and will return the closing hours to 2 a.m., making Lynn once again the place for early morning drinking.

TRUTH: This is just a plain lie. What she said was the restaurant and bar owners were not listened to when alternatives were brought to the table. She may have investigated keeping establishments open for food only. The important point here is she would have been a little more open to hearing what our restaurant owners had to say. Our current city hall was determined to push this through, regardless of it's impact to the Lynn economy and the new Downtown.

4. Councilor Kennedy voted against Manning Field

TRUTH: This one really upsets me. I don't see why the Mayor believes that ripping down that beautiful structure was the right outcome. Parts of it certainly could have been restored. It's a piece of history that we no longer have and it's all Mayor Shinn's fault. Judy did not say that the outcome would not have been the same if she was mayor. What she said was she wanted to hear alternatives. She wanted to hear what the option of restoration would look like. Instead Mr. Mayor put on headphones, blocked his eyes, and ignored all while the great Manning Bowl crumbled to the ground.

These tactics are ridiculous and I hope (although I fear the worst) that people are not fooled by these mailings.

By the way, how would one get off this mailing list? I wouldn't even know where to begin.

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