Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ok... Let's talk Property Taxes, Mayor Clancy... That's Cool!

At tonight's pre-election event for Judy Flanagan Kennedy, they addressed the recent mailing that you all received entitled "Let's Talk Property Taxes." The "actual copy" is taken from two different documents. This is potentially a very serious violation of election law by the Clancy folks. Judy has filed a criminal complaint. Stay tuned for more. Since they used the postal service, it could be a violation of federal law. I hope the Lynn Item will run this story on Monday with the details.

So, as for today's mailing. It's completely out of context and delivers a scare tactic based on a lie, rather then any help in deciding who should be the next Mayor of Lynn.

From today's Lynn Item:

"The North Shore Labor Council would like to provide accurate information regarding its endorsement," Crosby said Friday, noting that the council asks all candidates who run for local elected office to complete a questionnaire and then participate in an interview with the council's Political Action Committee.

"The questionnaire often refers to issues on both the municipal and state level. The challenge of increasing revenues for the city of Lynn was one of many issues raised on our questionnaire and discussed during the candidate interviews. The council delegates who took part in the Political Action Committee interview all know from that interview that Judy Flanagan Kennedy does not want to raise property taxes."

Crosby further noted that "based on the entirety of the information we gathered, and from our wider experience with each of the Lynn mayoral candidates, the council then voted to endorse Judy Flanagan Kennedy in the mayoral race. We stand by that endorsement."

The lie exists in your mailbox today in the form of a mailing from the Committee to Elect Clancy. The truth is above. I only wish I had the money to paper Lynn with the truth, like Clancy has to feed you his filth.

- Corey, A Democrat Proudly Standing Behind an Honest Judith Flanagan Kennedy for Mayor


  1. It did occur to me on seeing this mailing that someone did a cut and paste job. Isn't it convenient that her signature appears below one question in a questionnaire? In fact if the candidates did not sign the questionnaires, or if the signature is taken from another document, that is a serious breach of ethics in my opinion. I must say I am being turned off by the negative tone of Clancy's campaign. This is looking like a David vs. Goliath battle, and I always side with David. But Flanagan Kennedy hasn't totally convinced me she's up for the job of mayor.

  2. Then let me help. What are your concerns so far? If you haven't already, take in the debates. She is not David in this battle, we are. She is the first politician in Lynn to include all of us. It finally has given us a voice in this city. We can fight Goliath and we can have a voice in this town. How's that for drama? :-) Sorry, I'm getting more and more passionate about this every time I hear Mayor Clancy speak.


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