Saturday, November 7, 2009

250 to 500

The magic number is 500 for Downtown Lynn. This has been brought up to me one on one and I've heard it in political speeches for this year's election. I'm not sure why 500 is the magic number, but it can't be a bad thing to start driving more residents into the downtown area. So why did you move here? What makes you stay?

For me, it's my neighbors and the potential I see in the neighborhood. There's something great about the fact that we love to hang out with the people who live in this neighborhood. It's the 19 minute commuter rail trip into Boston. It's proximity to Nahant beach. It's my family history. It's the cool loft setups that would cost a fortune in Boston that have price tags in the 200s and lower here.

So, 250 people is not a lot of people. How do we get them to move here?

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