Tuesday, November 24, 2009

End Homelessness on the North Shore One Family at a Time!

Get your tickets before Tuesday, 12/1!!!!

I really believe in the mission of this organization and am joining the board of directors in 2010. The Inn Between and The Inn Transition are two facilities run by Citizens for Adequate Housing. This organization provides the needed services for family and children to get the necessary support to improve their situation and get back into affordable housing.  It is far too easy to become homeless, especially in today's economy. Ever know someone who has had to lean on family in tough financial times? What if that family wasn't there? You can help by supporting Citizens for Adequate Housing at their annual Gala at the Ferncroft in Danvers on December 4th.

To purchase tickets:

by phone, please contact our office at (978) 531-9775 and speak to Judith Murray, ext. 11 or Betsy Leeman ext. 17 .

by email, please click here.

E-mail me first, if you know me.

Visit them on Facebook and read this short story of a family that found a home this October.

A Reason to Celebrate - Homeless Family Finds a Permanent Home

October was a month to celebrate. We knew that taking the Baez family into our privately funded community room was going to be a big challenge because of the many presenting barriers. However, we chose to take on the challenge. The family came to IB in April of 2007, a mother, whom we will call Maria, and two children, then 11 and 14. As soon as they moved in we knew that this was a very hard working mother who was very determined in growing and moving ahead. She soon decided to take advantage of the offer of a volunteer to teach her English. She went through all the levels of “Sed de Saber” (Thirst for Knowledge), an English learning program that proved very effective for this mom. I will never forget the day that she came to me to tell me: Ana I just came from my medical visit at the hospital and for the first time I did not need and interpreter!

Maria learned that she could take a training to get a license to do home child care. She took the course and eventually acquired her certification with the idea to eventually care for children in her own home. Meanwhile she cared from children of families close to her.

Maria suffers from Sleep Apnea and her sleeping arrangements here were less than adequate. While here, she underwent painful surgery which proved to be not successful. We aided her in acquiring medical equipment to help her sleep, but it took a long time and many visits to the hospital before she could get the right machine and the right attachments. Eventually she did, and was finally able to sleep several consecutive hours at a time.

The children were both doing poor in school, but were soon matched to our School on Wheels volunteers for help with homework. This proved to be a life saver for Maria who was very busy trying to earn a living and did not have the time, or the skills to aid her sons. The oldest son just stopped by yesterday to show me his grades; they have improved and we are proud with him.

As you may imagine, staying in shelter for such long amount of time proved difficult and painful. We saw this family go through a lot or crises and meltdowns. We saw many tears and many instances of desperation and deep depression, but with some words of encouragement and her tenacity, she never gave up the fight.

In October, CAH made the decision to offer her one of our affordable apartments on Holten St. till her housing offer came through. We felt Maria was really at the end of her resistance and a time of respite would aid her sanity. Two weeks later the offer for permanent housing finally came; she was offered a three bedroom apartment in Salem, where she now lives.

We rejoice with this family and together with them celebrate. They are going to be able to celebrate Christmas in their own place for the first time in a very long time.

CAH made a big difference in this family’s life and feel a great sense of pride for the labor we did.

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