Sunday, November 15, 2009

New review of the Blue Ox from NorthShore Magazine

Spot on as usual. These reviewers always capture the details of these menu items so well. Take a look and then get on over to Oxford St. and dine at The Blue Ox.


  1. It's a fantastic place. I'm glad I got to try a few vegetarian things there before my "issues" were recognized as a gluten intolerance. I can still have the fries on days they don't fry other things in that oil, and the alcohol.

    I wish I didn't have to travel outside of Lynn so often to eat, now. There are plenty of restaurants that understand my annoying dietary requirements and even that have specific "gluten-free" menus, but not many in Lynn, I'm sad to say.

    Given the statistics on how many people have Celiacs or Gluten-Intolerance issues, one would assume Lynn has a population that can support a few gluten-free, as well as some more vegetarian options, on restaurant menus.

    Sorry to vent - I just REALLY want to eat at the Ox when I read those glowing reviews. :)

  2. You should give them this feedback. If they're reading maybe they could leave a comment on the realities of this expense for the restaurant to support a menu item like this.


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