Sunday, November 15, 2009

Re-build the Capitol Theatre

Is that a good idea?

Primary use local regional equity theatre. Could also be used for Film screenings for RAW, foreign language films to embrace film culture from Latin America, Russia, and independent film in the states. Lectures from the Lynn museum. Dance recitals from Lynn arts dance studio. Comedians who can't quite get the 2200 seat Lynn auditorium filled. Concerts similar to what north shore music theatre used to provide.

Now if only we had a sugar daddy to re-build it.

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  1. I love those giant porthole windows.

    I don't think we'd get a rebuilt Capitol, but I think you're right on target with the idea of a smaller than 2,200 seat venue.

    The City of Newark NJ, having difficulty recovering in the shadow of Manhattan, gets the NJPAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center) and it brings people back into Newark. It's a different scale, and a bit ugly from the outside, but it's the same idea we can benefit from.

    Many people I've spoken to said that what we need is something that makes us a destination. The Lynn Auditorium can help, but we need a dedicated multi-purpose venue run independently of City Hall that offers what one can not get elsewhere on the North Shore.

    This is someone's opportunity to grab, in my opinion. Now, where's my "Venture capital."

  2. You're right Seth. I'm just dreaming big to get other ideas out there. We absolutely need something from 300-900 seats. It's the size theatre that would be viable in an area such as this. North Shore Music Theatre closed due to mis-management and nothing else. I like the opportunity of the waterfront for a venue of this size, but I think it's just as viable an option for the Downtown area.

  3. Great Building!
    Hold on to the idea. 'Hollywood East' is pioneering this way. There might be a networking opportunity into the industry. The Lynn Auditorium is set perfect acoustically, but doesn't have a front. It's about time we try to place the insides- out in this city and put the best forward. When the economy is ready to return there will also be a backlog of projects waiting to be built. Putting it forward ahead of the game into the view of investors' eyes, might give it a better chance to succeed.


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