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They're Talking About Lynn -50s - Klemm's Bakery, Lane's Drug Store, Kresge's Luncheon Counter

My parents grew up in Lynn and met at Lynn English High School. My dad worked at the chicken store downtown, right across the street from where I live today. I'm hoping to get a good article from him on that. My mom just recently wrote down some of her memories of Downtown Lynn. When my parents come visit my loft, they always look out the windows and fondly reminisce on their time spent down here. Here's some of what she remembers:

Memories from the 50s from then Highlands resident, Charlotte (Hersey) Jackson

"I have a lot of great memories of growing up in Lynn.  Downtown was very special to me. In those days, we lived in the Highlands and we were allowed to go to the downtown area and felt safe.  I remember my girlfriend Cathy and I walking down the hill on many a Saturday to Klemm's Bakery which was then in Central Square.  They made the best tuna sandwiches and the best french fries. Cathy and I would get them both and share.  

Klemm's is on the right white sign, black letters

After Klemm's, we would go to all the stores; Woolworth's, Kresge's, Bell Shop, and TW Rogers. We would just look, of course, we had no money. What little we had, we had already spent eating.  

Sometimes during the week we would go to Kresge's if my sister Doris was working at the luncheon counter. She would give us free french fries :) I don't know if she was supposed to, but she did.  She looked so cute. She had to wear a uniform with a small hat and apron.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  

Lanes Drug store was another hang out and everyone went there to get vanilla cokes. I remember the counter because they had the kind of stools you could spin around on.

     As Tricia also mentioned in her post, there was a record store near Silsbee and Union that we all went to buy our 45s.  It was a very narrow store and it was always packed with everyone getting there #1 release for that week.

 I have lots of memories and I am happy to share these with current and former Lynners."

Thanks to my mom, Charlotte (Hersey) Jackson for her memories. If you want to contribute to this series, please contact me at


  1. The picture of Central Square under the section about Klemm's shows Klemm's Bakery in the far right corner above the bus. It is now a karate studio with an insurance company above it.

  2. These memories are great. Sometimes it seems like everyone only remembers the theatres and the stores. The best memories are the simple times we all spent with our friends downtown. Not too different from the memories that Corey and his friends are making now. Good food & good friends = Downtown Lynn 50,60,70 today.

  3. Now, the trick is getting all you Lynner's out there to come downtown to hang out with your friends.

    I've got a great Part II coming next weekend from Cathy Kibbey which builds on this post. Stay tuned!

  4. What was the name of the italian restaurant behind woolworth's down in that basement?Was it Sissone's or Ciccone's.After church we went for the veal.I've never had better.They are gone now.remeber the red and white checked table cloth and that delicious bread in the little wicker baskets?Lynn was heaven back in the 60's-Bonnie

  5. MarieAnne (LeBlanc) DesrochersFriday, June 4, 2010 at 5:04:00 PM EDT

    That restaurant behind Woolworth's was "Agganis"
    They had the best Tuna salad I ever had.

  6. The restaurant was actually behind McLellans and was Sassone (Spelling?). It was one of the best smells downtown.

    You mentioned the Chicken place. THAT took the prize for absolutely the best downtown smell. Right next to a pawn shop under the bridge we would wait for the "blue bus" smelling that chicken & hoping our parents didn't see us get on the blue bus to Wonderland. We were about 13 and used to go ride to Wonderland then spend the day on the Boston subways. We would have been in SOOOO much trouble.

  7. Nice! My dad worked at the chicken place. bill Jackson. Would love to hear more about the blue bus. Click on the feedback form and tell me more. I'll make it its own post.

  8. anyone remember on 4th of july -i think i was so young lynn had a carnival and make believe keys stone cops picking up family members ther were paid prior to be placed in a fake jail we all met down town so much fun!!!!

  9. my mother worked at Klemms restaurant in central square in the 50 s her name was Vi She worked with another  woman I won t forget  her name was Wilma  That was a long time ago.  does anyone remember ?

  10. Agganis was on Union Street, after the record store.
    Sassone's was the one with the downstairs and Ruth's was across the street next to Western Union telegraph.

  11. I just was made aware of this Lynn page and what fun this is going to be! I was borh in Swampscott, so I can't claim Lynn as my true birthplace though we did live somewhere near Jenness street then. My birthname was Jane Carolyn Jennings.
    My brother, Russell lived there more than I did and he graduated English High, probably 1940. I attended Wakefield
    My dad worked for A.L. Waite electrical on Oxford St. It was just a little shop that fixed radios and other electric appliances. Did some wiring, too, I guess. mother was a hairdresser and worked in Central Square over the bank.
    I almost forgot about my own business, an accordion teacher on Market Street in the block up from Magrane's. Guess I was married then to Johnny Farrell. Oh, and I almost forgot I worked at Champion Lamp for four years in the special lamp dept. A good friend was Helen Gianaris. Oh what delicious Greek pastries she brought in at celebration time! She lived in the Highlands as we did twice in my very young life. Allen Ave. and ?
    Hope I hear from someone who remembers me though so many years have passed.
    Jane Jennings Farrell Smith.

  12. I remember because it was my Dad's place,spelled Sassone.

  13. Just visited w/mysister Lorraine (Brown) Benavides in Texas.  I brought a copy of this old posting mentioning Doris Hersey.  The name was familiar to me.  It turns out that Lorraine and Doris worked together at Kresge's and I believe they both went to English HS (as my sister Connie and I). 

  14.  That's awesome to hear! Doris is my Aunt. The Hersey's (my mom was Charlotte Hersey) grew up in the Highlands. I spent much of my childhood there. I wish Kresge's was still here!


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