Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bill Cosby at Lynn Auditorium...TONIGHT!!

Still tickets left to see Bill Cosby at Lynn Auditorium tonight, Dec 5th. One night only!. If you haven't been to Lynn Auditorium in the past year, go check out the newly renovated, 2200 seat auditorium located in City Hall. It's worth checking out regardless of what the act is. Tonight just happens to be a great venue with a great, classic act.  Come downtown, catch dinner at the Blue Ox, Pho Lynn, or Tatiana's and then head over to the auditorium for a night of good old-fashioned Cosby at his best.

For more on Lynn Auditorium and the other performances coming up, see their website or visit City Hall sometime and take a look. .

For tickets, visit Ticketmaster

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