Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cronies 2, Citizens 0

He did it!!! Clancy got his buddies their jobs one day before it was too late.  I was beginning to doubt the Crony-izer.  I should have known. He'll do anything to keep us from moving forward the way we want to move forward. Thanks, Honorable Mayor for doing one last dis-honorable thing before leaving office. We appreciate it.

Whether or not these two are the right ones for these positions is irrelevant. Police Chief Kevin Coppinger is probably the right choice. Deputy Fire Chief James Carritte, we will never really know. Time will tell on this one. The point is, he should have left it alone and let our Mayor-elect do her due diligence and bring forward the right choices for those two positions. Instead, it was a race to the finish and Clancy clobbers the Citizens of Lynn in a record finish!

With all due respect (or rather, all the respect you are due) - Adios Clancy!


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