Tuesday, December 29, 2009

East Coast Karate, a unique place for children with autism

We stopped in to 25 Central Square yesterday, the new home of EAST COAST KARATE & Aerobic Fitness Center. This place is not just another karate studio. When they mentioned they have programs for children with autism, that sparked my interest.  I don't have children, but I know this is a fairly common occurance for families today. This is something more people need to know about.

From their website:

"East Coast is proud to offer specialized karate classes to children diagnosed with autism, PDD and other challenges.  Classes will be taught by Master Hopkins and Mary Panagopoulos, a special educator for the Lynn Public Schools.  Mary has worked in many different classroom settings throughout her 27 years of teaching. She has worked with children with autism spectrum disorders since 1999. Class size will be small (6-8). Karate uniforms are to be worn. The students will learn respect, discipline and self control as they work on focusing skills and coordination. Karate improves their overall strength and cardio while they are having fun!!"

They also have several classes for us Downtowners who don't get home from Boston until 6-6:30. Combat Punch Out at 7PM on Monday and Wed nights as well as 9AM (ouch) on Saturday mornings.  They also run a Cardio Combo class at 9AM on Sunday mornings.  Grab a quick Cardio class before that trip to Capitol Diner on Sundays. Bob will be confused as we all start to lose weight eating his food. :-)
More importantly then anything they offer, my first impression of these folks excites me. It was the kind of excitement for what they offer, that this downtown really needs. The place looks fantastic. They all were incredibly friendly and happy to see us. They look to have people in there every night. Let's help this place become a smashing success.

Call them today at 781-595-8779 and sign up for a class, start on that life-long dream to be a martial artist (they have programs for adults, children, and even TODDLERS). If you have a child with autism, get them into the specialized karate program today. 

Check out their website for even more detail.



  1. This is a wonderful addition to downtown Lynn. I hope it succeeds in it's new home. The director/Master has such great credentials. I work out at Planet Fitness in Danvers and love it!! Working out is so great. I say this after years of not belonging to a gym and getting the complete body workout I so needed!! As a retired Physical Therapist, I say to all, find the right workout for yourself and stay healthy for a long, prosperous life!!

  2. Amen. I go to the YMCA downtown. Great gym, great people. Amazing resource for the price.

    I am going to take in some classes at this place when I am home at night and my wife drags me. :-)

  3. They all were incredibly friendly and happy to see us.

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