Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Invite of the Century!

Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. The decade...... absolutely. 8 years of shame is over. Clancy the Clown jokes will cease. I will no longer have a Mayor to compare to Music Man's Mayor Shinn.

I just received the most glorious looking piece of mail I've ever received from the City of Lynn.

I will hopefully be live blogging from the event if I can figure out an efficient way to do that. At the very least, I'll post a few times.  Look at how fabulous this invitation looks. The heading on the bottom half just seems to fit the new City of Lynn. I am so excited for the change Judy Flanagan Kennedy is going to bring to this beautiful city.  If only Darren Cyr and Stephen Duffy's names weren't on this piece of paper, but alas, you can't have everything.

This invitation is a tribute to all of you! We made a difference in the outcome of this election in order to secure a better future for the city we all love. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the outcome, you were here. You were listening to a new point of view. You heard the truth! You voted your heart and we now have a chance at an open government. A government of the people, by the people and for the people and not just those people who are the Mayor's friends. All the people of Lynn.

Speak up, be heard. She's listening!



  1. Well, having read your post, I must put in a good word for Darren Cyr, but not before taking him to task. Sure, he was against televising city hall meetings. I didn't agree with that stance and I let him know. Sure, he seems to be in the pocket of the pawn shop lobby and supported Clancy for re-election. I don't agree with all his stands. But, speaking from personal experience, he is there for his constituents more often than not, and he is committed to making Lynn a cleaner and safer place to live.

    Duffy, on the other hand, I don't know. But it amazes me that someone who I did not see lift a finger to campaign gets elected over Schneeberg. Go figure.

  2. Wow. That's the first time I've ever heard anyone speak in a positive manner about Cyr. Would love to hear some examples. From what I've heard, I thought his constituents were just hoping someone would actually oppose him someday. I think he got his job the same way Clancy got his.

    Watch the council debate on If any voter had watched that, Duffy would have received zero votes.

  3. Cyr has been a catalyst for 2 neighborhood associations, East Lynn Community and Ward 3. He has directly helped flush out gang activity in his ward. He has put in sweat equity by helping to clean up parks and neighborhoods. He has personally helped me deal with the appalling sanitary conditions and the 4 pitbulls that used to be kept outside next door.

    I may differ with him philosophically and politically, but I do think his constituent services are to be praised.

  4. Hey! I didn't get one! It's ok - I'll be there to cover it for :)

  5. and LynnCAM TV will be covering the event live

  6. Awesome. Closer to the night, I will post again and remind people they can watch live.


  7. Seth,
    All the candidates should have sent invites in gold to you for what you did during this election.

    I got mine because I definitely did not remain impartial :-) The understatement of the year! Judy's camp sent me the invite for the work I did when I was not blogging.

    I admire that you remained unbiased and reported on the facts. Something our local paper couldn't even handle.



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