Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Acts of......Violence!

Blog can't be all roses, when people are randomly shooting off AK-47s in local chinese restaurants. We obviously have an issue when no one who lives Downtown wants to go West of Oxford Street or anywhere near Union Street. It's a bit like Dorchester where you feel very safe in one area and completely vulnerable a street later.

So what's up?

How do we stop these random acts of violence?

The first one last week was outside of Charlie Chan's on Union Street. A homeless woman and a man in a fight. 2nd Man comes out of restaurant and tries to stop the fight. Man gets stabbed.   The second incident was Saturday night. Man refused alcohol at China Lion on Market Street. Goes to car, gets AK-47 and Glock. Goes back to restaurant and starts firing at the ceiling.  Customers wrestle him out of the restaurant and get the weapon away from him.   These are two of the most public streets in Lynn. I'm not sure why these assailants feel they can get away with this. Both were apprehended.

What would deter these people from acting out these moments of lunacy? Do we need more police presence during late night hours on Union and Market. I find it hard to believe those are not well patrolled during those hours.  Do we need more awareness of the price you will pay if you act on your anger and rage?

Is this just the price we have to pay for living in an urban environment or is there something that should be done. I'm no expert. Perhaps you are? What do you think?


  1. my stupid cousin whos from newburyport, came to Lynn one day. he is a stupid highschool kid who hangs out with other stupid highschool kids.
    they decided to smash the glass of 200 lynn cars for no reason.

    this story about the new hampshire man and my stupid cousin makes me think.
    what makes them think they can take their violence out in Lynn? here!
    especially here where everyone tries to show their toughness.

    i can do without tough ppl

    toughness. i'ld like to think that maybe its cause our highschools are more aggressive in sports and usually kick ass. but thats not the reason.
    or maybe its cause of all the gangs that hide out here. i surprise one is even allowed to have a club house. i know what they really do

    i know if u eva in trouble in lynn court, just hire the right lawyer, who drinks with the judge. he may suck as a lawyer, but he gets you off.

    what up w/ china lion? i see them give drinks to 24/7-alchis who go back and forth between the brandy barrel and china lion.
    the brandy barrel stays secretly open after closing hours, letting only certain customers in that know the secret window knock. i hear

    so then. hmm. lets see. a man from nh maybe knows about the shit that goes on, and wonders why he can't get in on it? maybe china lion needs a head check too. finally

  2. ok, I think you're certainly on to something. And that can be a part of the solution!!! These places will continue to operate these ways, unless we get involved and help the police shut them down! If what you say is true, then it shouldn't be hard.

    I think the "NH" dude, is from Lynn or at least lives here currently. Another example of shitty Lynn Item reporting.

    I've heard these judge opinions a lot. It concerns me that the public feels this way. I have a hard time believing it's true, but I guess I don't hang out at the judge's hangouts to see it for myself.

    Did your stupid cousin go to jail? I certainly hope so.

    I don't think I saw any Lynn schools in the super bowl's this weekend. I saw Natick, Gloucester, Reading, Marshfield, Masco, and Marblehead. Not exactly known as "tough" towns.

    Our kids need to realize that you can win without all this bullshit.


  3. couz got trouble for it.

    one can live in this city and not know anything that goes on by staying away from those 'bad' ppl. there are bad ppl even in quiet towns. the do'ers live on one side of the track, and the masterminds live on the other.

    in court they usually ask defendants ' have u been medicated or taken drugs, etc. in the last 24 hours'.
    they should make the same rules apply to judges and lawyers aswell. (apologies to the good ones, but they know who the bad ones are)

    yes. i do hope they close down the bad bars too. the bad ones are responsible. a long time ago i went with a friend to one. after hours we were invited to the basement for more drinks. i ran out fast.
    orchids on rt1. saugus, also opened their doors upstairs after hours. they were shut down temp.

  4. There is also another bar next to the gay one which rents rooms by the hour upstairs, and even supplies the women like a brothel. I heard about this a year ago, but don't know if it still goes on.

    I hope the police read community blogs. It would be nice if they had an online annonymous tip webpage

  5. I assume you mean a bar next to Fran's? or was it next to 47 Central? Again, I simply ask, that when you hear these things, involve the police. If you don't want to do that, get the word out some other way and get one of us to report it.

    I will find out if there is any chance at an anonymous tip line. Maybe they tried this once before and got too many phony reports. Their call logs are already insane as it is.


  6. I hope that City Hall and the police can effectively judge the difference between the good bars and the trouble spots - the positive nightlife vs. the negative. Perhaps it's an irrational fear, but each time something bad happens in a late-night establishment, I worry for those places that play by the rules and that attract patrons who are responsible citizens. But again, that sort of collective punishment is exactly what happened when bar hours were rolled back to 1am.

    I can't even begin to explain away violence at late night eateries and bars. I always thought the point of going out at night was to have a good time, and fighting just isn't my idea of a good time. I've gone to "dives" in NYC for years and have not seen a single bar fight, (and down there they stay open until 4am.)

    Ultimately, I think the best way to quell the violence, and even the reputation of violence in Lynn nightlife, is to actually have more people out at night. When good people are out and going to good places, violence will go down. I always feel safest when people are out.

    I wrote an editorial for LynnHappens that was also posted on Living In Lynn about my "Dream for Market Street" and how Tatiana's is doing a fantastic job there. Come to think of it, the people at the Chinese place did the right thing, too. Those patrons are heroes. Maybe I should stop in there sometime, too.

  7. You're right Seth. Heroes at both spots. The man trying to break up the fight and the customers who wrestled the gunman out of the restaurant.

    I agree, we need more activity, not less along Market Street, in Central and on all the streets in between. If we can get Market Street going and Turbine going. We have the Ox in between. If we can get more people walking in between these three locales, the night time instantly improves in terms of safety.

    Your Market Street post is great. Maybe we need to expose these potential venues to bands out there. How do the bands even know where these places are?

    Looking at old pictures before they elevated the MBTA platform, it looked like folks had to walk through Central Square to get pretty much anywhere downtown. Now the flow has changed. I wonder what the path is for most people? Seems like a lot dump out on Munroe and directly in to the garage. An after work, happy hour type place to compliment Blue Ox should be able to do very well there.

    I've also heard that a lot of people drive to Salem to get the express train in to the city. Could we force that to move to Lynn. Fill that garage in the morning. It's sooooo empty. Is parking in Salem an issue for people?


  8. Corey, they're building a new parking garaqe in Salem and will begin a new parking garage in Revere with stimulus money. Meanwhile, the stairs crumble in underutilized Lynn garage. I think we need to get our state reps in on this.

    I agree that a study of the paths people walk upon leaving the train platform in Central Sq would be useful. I bet takeout places would do well with that, too.

  9. China Lion is a place a little rougher crowd goes--- but in all the years of going there-- over 10. I can say the owners do their best. They are just trying to etch out a living like their clients. They are nice people. This was a freak incident.
    We need places like them...not everyone wants to pay 12.00 for a drink.

  10. I agree anonymous. We need all the commercial activity we can get from every price range for consumers. There is a wide range of incomes now in the Downtown area.

    My only suggestion to the people on this thread is to get involved. We all should get involved when we know something isn't right.

    I should post negative news more often. Gets you guys talking!!! :-)


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