Saturday, December 26, 2009

So... what did you get for Christmas?

A friend of mine has been sitting up in Ward One bidding on collectible Lynn, MA postcards. Last night she gave me an album full of them. It is such an interesting slice of history. They are mostly from the early 1900s and they read very similarly to the modern day text message. It wasn't about being on vacation or "wish you were here" type messages. It was like twitter, but instead of instantly knowing what was on these people's minds, you had to wait a few weeks while the horses and trains got the message over to you. Messages about arrivals or departures at certain destinations. Messages about people's illnesses and how they are progressing. Messages apologizing for not writing a letter, only a postcard. I included both sides of our favorite card. I really hope she got her ice cream :-)


  1. Corey... that is really great. Post cards are truly a "picture" of the past. I have lots of them that Dad's uncle used to collect.

  2. It was a great Christmas being with my family.

    i didn't want any gifts, but everyone gave something, and I enjoyed my presents.
    the greatest gift of all is love.


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