Monday, December 14, 2009

Tina Turner in Lynn

Ok, so it was the 70s and there was some sort of venue near where Building 19 is today! @81Anna tweeted that her father found photos to prove it. I'm still hoping they'll send me one. Any of you remember this event? What other big acts were playing downtown or on the Lynnway?

When I was poll checking this year, I sat next to this older woman who had some great stories about jazz greats who used to come through Lynn including Dizzy Gillespie. Her dad owned some music store on Munroe Street.  I really should start carrying around a recorder.

Maybe Seth's idea of getting a real music scene up and running in Downtown Lynn is not so far fetched and is just the history that is begging to be revived

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  1. You know the band practice spaces by Central and Munroe? Someone at City Hall yesterday was telling me how 20-25 years ago DTL was THE place for bands to practice, and then hang out in local bars. Steven Tyler was even known to hang out here.


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