Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well said, Mr. Collins......

Is Henry Collins new at the Item?  He apparently wasn't there during the past year of Mayoral debates.

I just recently subscribed to the $10/month online Item so I can see everything, not just what they choose to put online. It's a good investment and less wasteful then piles of paper stacked up in my recycle bin. Allows me to see the ads too, which is good to stay on top of what else is going on in Lynn.

On the 29th, Henry Collins wrote an opinion column entitled "Kennedy has vision for Lynn."  In an interview with Henry at the Item, Judy Flanagan Kennedy is right on message. Still talking about getting SROs back into the schools and using the money saved in just the Mayor's office salaries to pay for at least one.  Still talking about a pavillion of sorts to create a Lynn "destination" not a "drive-by" (pardon the pun). She is also talking about getting public on crime. This is awesome! Clancy always stayed quiet when things were bad and worked behind the scenes to improve things. Kennedy has pledged to take a more "Menino" style and be public about our faults as we work together to make them better.  I like the answer she gave when asked if her approach would be more Clancy or more Menino. Ummmm.... that's a softball question!!!!   Let's see, should I be like the mayor who re-invented one of the greatest City's in the United States, or like the mayor who thought his city was in neutral for 8 years and offered no public voice to improve it. Let me think on that and get back to you.

I agree with you Mr. Collins. Kennedy has vision for the City of Lynn. I only wish you realized this during the campaign and gave her the fair coverage she deserved from the city's ONLY "news" source.

Perhaps we're all turning a corner... Onward to January 4th!!!



  1. You just reminded me to do that. :)

    Maybe it's the designs of the ads, layout, or the fact that it contains tv listings and classifieds, but the actual paper copy feels stuck in another time, especially compared with print editions of other papers. It still is way ahead of the Lynn Journal on content, though.

  2. The Lynn Journal calls itself a newspaper, but don't confuse it for one.

    It's a personal opinion blog that gets printed, which is fine, but I wish they would stop calling it news.

  3. Did you notice that the Journal started using a variation of the template I use for LH? It's less modified from the original than mine, but still doesn't credit the author like mine does, and actually seems more stripped down. I don't even think there's a way to contact the Journal through their website anymore.

  4. I did not notice. I do not visit his site anymore. I don't find it interesting.

  5. I stand somewhat corrected. The LynnJournal added phone numbers to the bottom of the page, but no email. They claim the site is designed and maintained by XFweb. Maintained, perhaps, but not designed. C.bavota is the true designer of that theme and might want to have a word with the folks at XFweb, who are probably ripping off the LJ. All c.bavota asks is that you credit him, and in return, he'll provide free support. Why mess with that?


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