Friday, January 29, 2010

Greek Dining in Downtown Lynn

I finally got the chance to check out the new Greek Restaurant that one of the Downtown Lynn readers commented on a few weeks ago. Apollo Restaurant is on Neptune Boulevard which is right on the same stretch as Lynn Housing Authority, North Shore Animal Hospital, and Tipico Restaurant. It's across the street from Lynn Tech and the YMCA.

The food is great. I was initially upset when opening the menu to see a very Americanized version of a Greek restaurant. There aren't enough greek dishes on the menu, but we ordered the few that were there and it was an incredible dining experience. The unique feature of this place is the woodcharcoal grilling. It gives all the food extreme flavor and a smoky quality to die for. The lamb in my souvlaki pita was incredible.

We started with salads. Very fresh ingredients and a great start to the meal. I thank Greece everyday for feta cheese.

We then moved on to our main courses. My wife is a big fan of grape leaves. She got the stuffed grape leaves dinner with rice pilaf.  Was in a very interesting and tasty sauce. She loved them!

I got the Souvlaki Pita with everything on it.


The lamb was so tender and full of incredible flavors from that grill. The feta, peppers, onions, tomato, lettuce, feta and dressing were all so fresh and tasty.  

The place is charming. Just what you would expect from a Greek American restaurant. The menu is full of options for those who like the traditional sub shop fare, or want a taste from the Mediterranean. I saw very few prices over the $10 mark. 

For some tasty Greek food at budget price, you can't go wrong at Apollo Restaurant.

Now... They need a beer and wine license and maybe a slight investment in plates and silverware, so not everything is so plastic. I would recommend this place for takeout or lunch in a heartbeat.  You must check it out. You have to taste what this grill does to meat!!! It's nothing I can describe to you here.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Week's City Council Meeting

Thank you for continuing to record the City Council meetings. It's so important that we're able to see these on our own time and at our own pace.

The meeting is worth watching for the first 10 minutes or so. The Pop Warner West Lynn RAMS were honored and given their trophies for their success in making it all the way to Florida and just one game away from winning the entire United States. It looks like an incredible group of kids, a wonderful group of coaches, teachers, and administrators, and the entire city really came out in support of these kids. They thanked every councilor in the room. It was hard to catch all the names so you'll have to watch. I did hear Steve Walsh and Edward Clancy mentioned as supporters.  The best part of the video is how much diversity is in that chamber for the first 20 minutes. Hopefully we'll see more of that over the coming months.

The end of the council meeting was fairly un-eventful. Cahill asked that a letter be sent to the Mayor regarding the settlement with the Police department over misused grant monies. I don't know enough about this yet. Will need to do some digging. A mess she inherited and will have to dig the city out. Hopefully it won't hurt too bad.

Finally, there was a request to help the Rivera Brothers Boxing Club find a new home in Lynn.  Check out their website. They are pleading for donations. It's nice to see the city stepping up to try and help a good business that has been helping our youth channel their energies in a very positive way. This is not something we want to lose. There has to be empty space somewhere. 


Merry Christmas!!!

Oh.... wait a minute... It's January 27th.

Why is there a lit Christmas Tree outside my house?

Why are there still wreaths lighting up on the lamp posts?

Was Clancy single handedly responsible for decorating Central Square Lynn, all by himself?

That would be the only logical explanation.

That, or, some city department is no longer on the ball due to recent changes.  Ahem....

Let's get Central Square looking like January. It's time to ditch the tree.

Monday, January 25, 2010

That's Exactly Why I Moved Here

I just got back from a meeting of Downtown Lynn residents that completely reminded me of why I moved here. We're definitely in the midst of a special creation downtown and I think it's beginning to impact current and former Lynners from other sections of the city. 

The dtlna is responsible for channeling a lot of this energy in the form of several neighborhood events and clean-ups in the downtown area. Tonight was the first time I've attended one of their meetings.  Let me tell you... we have some strong advocates for the future of our city. This energy, if truly given a chance to create something, is going to realize some great success.   The city can only benefit from this passion.

So, my main purpose for this post is to let those of you know that this organization exists. If you'd like to get on the mailing list, I think it's as easy as visiting the website.

If you don't want to get involved directly, you can at least share your ideas on what the organization should be doing and or events you would love to see Downtown. Post your comments here.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mildred's - 2 inches of snow or more - Breakfast is 5 bucks cheaper!

Mildred's is not exactly in Downtown, but a short walk up Broad Street to Lewis and you're at one of the most charming brunch locations on the North Shore.  From now until April, if it snows more then 2 inches, they take 5 bucks off your meal, just for trekking out in the snow.

I can always get Sarah to go there just based on the fact that they have one of the best fruit bowls in the world.  Today, I had a mexican omelette.  Pan-fried brilliantly. YUM! They have an incredible selection of meals, great cooks, extensive list of different coffees and teas, and wonderful service. I remember last year they were in a bit of a crunch financially, but they managed to pull through it and stay open. Check them out when you get a chance. They play old movies on the screen to go along with the decor. Auntie Mame was on this morning.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

OECD - Incredible That We Never Talk About It

Funny story....

I'm directing a show at Reading High School that deals with four developmental disabled adults and their case worker. I wanted to see what Lynn had for resources in this regard so that perhaps I could visit the facilities and talk to some people. What I found when I googled "lynn, ma developmental challenges" surprised me.

This website for the Office of Economic & Community Development OECD

This made me pause. The website is fantastic. Lots of great pictures of Lynn, fantastic studies on zoning, parking, waterfront, etc.   So then, what is EDIC?   Seems to be an organization focused on all the same things.

I went to the City of Lynn website to try and figure out what was what. EDIC, the non profit organization that functions as the City of Lynn's development bank is listed on the City's website.

The OECD is not listed on the City's website, yet it seems to be a City department. Certainly more so then the non-profit org listed above.   It also seems to be a hidden gem, at least to this Lynner. Has this always been here? Jamie Marsh is listed as the development director. I think this is incredible. If this is now what Jamie is focused on, it's perfect. This is exactly where we need him.

The OECD has a FY10 Action Plan.   Clancy's name is on it. I wonder if it will be revisited. Community Development may have a different spin with our new Mayor.

There is a Citizen Advisory Board

They tout a history of listening to the citizens. Interesting.

I'm having a heart attack reading this website. Why hasn't this been more public?? Is this new???

So, readers, educate me. Or better yet, educate yourselves. Take a look at the OECD website. They focused on the right things?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exploring Downtown Lynn: Central Ave

As you leave Central Square heading towards Washington Street, you hit a short stretch called Central Ave. Along this street there is a lot going on both in store fronts, behind the scenes, and in potential new hot spots.

The first thing you always see as you hit Central is at the corner of Central and Munroe, Lenni's Hair Styling Barbershop. Always tons of people inside hanging out. They are always cutting hair. This place is happening. Come check it out.

Right next to Lenni's is Natural's Hair Salon. Seems to be for the ladies while the guys are getting their barbershop on at Lenni's.

47 Central is located on the right after the lights. They have lots of events including Karaoke on Thursday nights.

Cal's News is located right next to 47 Central. News, smokes, snacks, coffee, etc. Busy spot in the mornings. Lots of police officers stop in there for their morning paper and coffee. Cool Hard-Core Lynner spot.

I'm now wondering if this is a joke as one reader posted. Clancy's Coffee Shop, coming soon (Since about October). I'm thinking this one ain't happening.

And finally, Supreme Bakery is open and needs your business. I have yet to be in here as I'm not much of a bakery person. I usually head to Eastern Ave for D'Amici's when I'm in need of a cake, but I wil try this place out soon. Anyone else been here?

Welcome to Central Ave folks.  Next week I'm going to hit Munroe and Oxford. Then on to the bigger projects of Market, State, and Union.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Don't forget to vote today. I don't care who you vote for, just vote! This is a very important election and we should all have a say in the outcome. Please do your research. Don't listen to the lies in the ads. Make up your own mind, based on the issues important to you.

If you don't where to go to vote, check here:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow Emergency in effect!

Move those cars. Getting towed is expensive. This one is completely unnecessary. MBTA garage must need the money. :-)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey Chip, Go Get Me A Coffee!!

Someone recently reminded me of this sign on Central Ave. Sadly Big Belly Deli went out of business. This sign now sits in the window of the now defunct deli.

Before the election it made me laugh every time I saw it. It was a bit of foreshadowing and I enjoyed the sign. Now, it just looks sad and water stained. I assume this does not have a connection to the former Mayor?  Anyone know?


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exploring Downtown Lynn: Central Square

As a Central Square resident, I am pretty excited about the progress I've seen in the past three years. When I moved in to my building, I was the second resident and the Dunkin was under construction. Nothing else existed under our residences. Now, every storefront is filled. Let's check it out!

I get a large black and they know it!!!! That large black is always waiting for me when I get to the front of the line and I don't need to utter a word.

This place is a summer gem in Downtown Lynn. They sell Richardson's ice cream (at least I think it's still Richardson's). It's very good. They've also done some very amazing things for the youth in our city. I'm fat enough, so I don't frequent this place as much as I would like to.

Haven't been in here, being Jewish and all. I have a feeling they might not have much to sell to me :-) I think it's great that they're here though. Has anyone else been inside?

I wish Poblanos would do a bit better then Print Shop posters. I think we're at saturation point with markets downtown. They've been constantly reinventing and trying to sell various items. I think I see clothing in there now. Not sure this one will stick. 

Fantastic new karate and fitness studio run by Master Lou Hopkins. Many of the downtown residents have started taking classes with Lou and his staff. My wife posted on here about the Combat Punch Out class and has now taken the Cardio Combo class as well. Loves them both and can't wait to go back. I might even go to Cardio Combo at some point.

In between East Coast and RAW is Columbia Insurance Agency. I forgot to get a picture of that place as it's easy to miss. A very small door and no real street presence. Run by a stellar business leader in the City of Lynn, John Olson. I believe he owns the building and held out to get the perfect tenants underneath the agency. East Coast Karate is a great addition and John Olson is to be commended for not letting just anything populate that prime spot in Central Square.

I can't say enough about RAW Art Works. The service they provide to our youth is unmatched. The involvement of the community and the City of Lynn with incredible fundraisers is fantastic. The event at Zimman's this year is one to remember and brought so many people into Downtown.

Travel agent anyone? I didn't even know Travel Agents still exist. Has anyone used their services? I would like to better understand what they offer in here.

Omar & Oscar is a great jewelry store. Fantastic service and great people. My wife has a watch from there and a few pairs of earrings. Everything is great quality. You should definitely check this place out, the next time you need jewelry of any kind.

Ah yes, the long-awaited  Turbine Wine Bar. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Mayo Group (The Mayonaisse Group, as I like to call them) is to blame for the delay. I think I still see construction going on, which probably means that they had to get Mayo to fix some obvious flaws with the building. The residents above this place have had major problems for years. I do not envy this owner, and I hope if it is Mayo's fault, that he sues the hell out of them.

UPDATE: Turbine Wine Bar is now OPEN for business as of March 2, 2010.

Welcome to Central Square. Come and visit us sometime!!!

Old Tyme Italian Cuisine


Great wine list, great beer list!

The food was phenomenal. The interior welcoming, warm, loud (as any self-respecting Lynn restaurant would be), and friendly.

For a great Italian meal on the North Shore, check out Old Tyme Italian.  People can't believe I have never been to this place until now. It's not Downtown, but a 2 minute drive down Boston Street towards Saugus has you there. Don't be fooled by the exterior. It's not a dive bar. It's a gem in the rough!


The Ferry for Nobody to Nowhere Has No Funding No More

So, I know there are several politicians that think a Ferry from Lynn to the Financial District in Boston would be good for the Lynnway. I don't see it. The MBTA garage isn't even used to its' full potential and we're diverting those folks over to the Lynnway to park outside get out of their cars, get on a boat, go to work, get on a boat, get in their cars, go home. The Federal government study says there are about 200 residents of Lynn that this ferry would benefit. Maybe 8.4M could be better spent somewhere else?

Is there anyone out there that sees a use for this ferry? Maybe I'm missing something? I'd much rather see improvements to existing rail service and more of that money funneled into the Year 3000 Blue Line Opening Ceremonies.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Should We Move On???

Ok, perhaps...

But first... just an observation. On page A4 of today's item you will find another unsigned editorial (is Clancy on staff?) which displays a disregard for the usefulness of archived public records. If they follow this "delete everything" method at the Item, that could very well explain why their editorial office is wrong so often. No one is saying they want to do a review of 8 years of Clancy's inbox, but you would think the past year of even 90 days would be of use.  You would think it would be in the best interest of our city to have that information at the ready. You would think the Lynn newspaper would be behind that.  You would be wrong on that last point.

At my company, if someone were to take over someone else's position, there would be a smooth transition and that would include sharing of important email threads.  I don't have an issue with the fact that he deleted things from 7 years ago. I have an issue with him deleting ongoing issues facing our city that now the Mayor has no knowledge of and can't defend the city's position. That clearly takes the advantage away from the Mayor's office and gives it to whoever wants to "claim" they had a certain agreement / conversation with the city. It opens us up for all kinds of wasted time figuring out what is going on.

I think the Item is right on one thing. We have pressing things to deal with right away in the City of Lynn. It's a shame that it has been made all that much harder to deal with them by the childish actions of a boy named Chip.

I'm Moving on....  (although I'm still hoping for a state led investigation into that creep)


Brown v. Coakley


Things have been too quiet around here.

What does Downtown Lynn need more?

I wanted Capuano. I hate Coakley. I'm leaning Brown.

Convince me that Coakley is worth our vote? Or, make me feel better for leaning Brown?

I feel like I'm a man without a party. We picked the wrong Democrat and I'm really not a Republican. I swear! :-)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tag... You're it!!!

Mayor Kennedy. It's your turn. Strike back hard.

Chip got back to the people of lynn today in a letter dated Jan 11th according to the item. Http://

His letter practically begs the city of Lynn to begin the investigation into wrongdoing. He asks the mayor to produce a list of missing files. What clever lawyer wrote that sentence?

So, I say bring it. I would like to understand what public property is missing.


P.S. Chip, here's a copy of Massachusetts Public Records Law. It seems you haven't read this. Beth, could you print this out and have your husband read this?

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Monday, January 11, 2010

RING THE BELLS!! The Blue Ox to be OPEN on Sundays!!!!!

Joanna just posted on a related message that the Blue Ox will be open on Sunday from 4-9PM. This means, it's up to us to make this a successful venture for them.   They are listening!!!!

Who's meeting me there at 4PM sharp on January 24th????


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exploring Downtown Lynn : Exchange Street

Thought it might be interesting to expose what is down here to those who haven't been able to walk around Downtown for a while. There are a lot of unique offerings down here. Come check em out! Over the next few months, I'll tackle this project a street at a time. 

Lynn Arts always has something interesting going on. Stop by sometime and check out the many galleries. Don't forget to go downstairs to see Jocelyn in the Little Gallery Under the Stairs.

This building is empty currently. Gorgeous architecture and a great space right next to the Lynn Arts building. I wish we could expand the focus of our Museum and Arts facilities to take over more of this space.

Sovereign Bank right across the street from The Lynn Item building

Charlie's is a very good morning joint for the weekday crowd. I was in there once. Very friendly staff and fun people watching. Lynners to the core in this place.

Anyone ever had their hair done at Textura?

This seems like a very unique offering for Downtown. A Russian store offering Russian food, books, and DVDs. I'm sure there is a lot more to offer once you go inside. It wasn't open on Sunday so I wasn't able to take a closer look.

Annie's is also a great breakfast/lunch option during the week.

The Lynn Item building is also on Exchange Street.

So, have you been to Exchange Street lately?


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Mayor's Call to Action : UNITE

She asked us to Dream Big. I think we're good at Dreaming Big as is witnessed on this blog. So let's put that aside for a moment.

The Mayor had another very important call to action during the inaugural speech. She brought up a Lynn from our past of immigrants coming here, settling here, and working together to build a strong community. This is something we are not very good at today.

For a moment, I ask you to put aside all the commentary on illegals, etc. You can post that stuff on the Item's website, I have no real patience for it.

Focus on the fact that there are legal citizens here from Latin America, Asia, Russia, Greece, Africa, and more. How do we bring some of these conversations together? 

I know this blog is mostly people like me talking to people like me. I don't think that's going to get us very far. What's the next step we need to take to bring our communities together? Or, better yet, are there already venues where you see this happening? Let us know, so we can get involved.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Clancy... How do you look in orange?

For those of you who haven't been following along. The Mayor's office was cleaned out before Judy moved in on the 4th. All files gone, all computers completely wiped out. If not returned, this is apparently a violation of state law. 

Channel 7 is now picking up the illegal actions of our former mayor. This is gonna be fun.

On a serious note, I really hope we get this stuff back. It's really dangerous for city hall not to have these legal documents and contracts on file.

I hope this is the last time Clancy gets away with breaking the law.

As always, he was unavailable for comment when asked by channel 7. A neighbor says he's in Florida.

Hey Beth? I know you read this blog. Could you tell your husband he has a few messages on his voice mail?

From Channel 7,
Ex-mayor in Lynn purges e-mails, files before leaving office

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not good at all

The finally released those passengers in the first car. I believe they held them due to the fact they were all being questioned. THe guy jumped out of the first car and from what I can tell they found his body up against the train near the last car. He must have got sandwiched in somehow. THey are now looking along the sides of the train with flashlights. I don't want to even imagine what they are looking for...

This is not good.

Police tape just went up around the scene where they were hovered around the passenger.  Another commuter rail train just passed by on the wrong side of the tracks and did not pick up the passengers from this train on its' way by. This is messed up in more ways then one.


Man jumps from Newburyport train

Train is stopped in Central Square. Reportedly, a man tried to jump from the train onto the platform and was not extremely successful.  I hope everyone is ok.


Jamie Marsh - Prove us right!

If there is one thing most of us Downtowners are united on, it's that we love Jamie Marsh. He loves the City of Lynn. He helped restore and reopen High Rock Tower. He was often seen roaming the halls of City Hall with some unearthed treasure from Lynn's past.

He helped many of the Downtown residents with parking issues and issues with our Developers when we first moved in here. We had an absentee Mayor, but Jamie Marsh always seemed to be there for us.

So, if you're listening Jamie, help us get our files back! If you love the City of Lynn as much as we think you do, you'd at least do that for us, right?   I can't imagine anyone who cares about the City of Lynn would want such a reckless transition of power in the highest office of our beautiful city.

Will you help us, Jamie?


There's a new rotary on 1A!!!!!

Have you guys met Katerina...  Lynn, MA -  City Planner? opps, I mean City of Lynn Concepts blogger. 

She has put a rotary on 1A to filter more traffic into Downtown. Well not yet, but take a look at this on City of Lynn Concepts and let her know your thoughts.

Let's Go to Lynn!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Gloves Up!

I'm so excited that Corey has allowed me to guest blog about my experience this evening at the Combat Punch Out class at East Coast Karate & Aerobics. The upshot: GO!

The skinny: Your first fitness class there is free and they will loan you light boxing gloves for that initial session. It's then $10 per class or $75 per month for unlimited classes. They sell gloves for $20. They are eager to welcome new people to their facility! The atmosphere is positive, fun and very friendly.

The details: My friend Lesley and I attended the Combat Punch Out class this evening, which takes place Mondays and Wednesdays 7-8 pm and Saturdays 9-10 am. This class was pretty full--maybe 12 to 14 folks?--so it was great to have the group atmosphere yet it definitely did not feel overcrowded.

A unique combo of boxing, boot camp, and Tae Bo, Master Lou Hopkins created this workout. He runs the class himself and he's AWESOME. He's super motivating and really pushes you, but is accommodating if you have a bad back, sore shoulder, etc. He's also a lot of fun. His favorite phrase to shout throughout the class, even during the cool down, was "We're just getting started!" Love it.

I was psyched that everyone got their own big punching bag; these are suspended from a neat rafter system that Master Hopkins devised, allowing the bags to easily slide around to accommodate more or less people. You can choose from a lighter or a heavier bag. Per the East Coast Karate & Aerobics website, no two Combat Punch Out classes are the same. As we were told when we walked in, this class is for both beginners and seasoned athletes; it's very challenging but you are certainly able to go at the pace you need.

My favorite part of the class, by far, was the punching. Master Hopkins made sure to help us newbies get our punch on using correct form (elbows down, protect the chin, turn your fist as you would turn a screwdriver when you punch the bag. Got it!). Also loved the isolated movements (my arms and quads were shhhhhaking!), the unique push-ups, and the knee raises for which he approached each person and had us each knee-raise as as quickly and as high as we could, with everyone else cheering us on. Talk about motivating!

His staff was so efficient in providing each student with the tools needed throughout the class--medicine balls, perfect push-up paddles, and so on. We never had to take a few minutes out of the class to retrieve the items and then put them away ourselves. Very impressive.

To give you a sense of the difficulty, I consider myself a moderate worker-outer, and was able to participate in probably 80% of the entire class. (Definitely had to sit out a number of crazy push-ups and plank position isolations!) But I was really pleased with how I did and look forward to challenging myself to improve my fitness level with each class.

It is now almost an hour post-session, and Lesley and I just checked in with each other via text. She's popping the Ibuprofin and I'm not far behind. Already feeling sore in familiar muscles and muscles that I've probably never worked out before in my life. Tomorrow might be tough in the walking and moving around department. Our verdict: We can't wait for the next class!!!

We will also be trying the center's Cardio Combo class this Sunday at 9am. Hope to see you there and I'll plan to blog about that one, too.

Yours in fitness (and--let's keep it real--yours in french toast and extra-light/extra-sugar coffee at the Capitol Diner on Sundays),

Sarah "Rocky Balboa" Jackson

Ummm...News Flash... We have highways in Lynn!

It's getting the people to take our exit that's the trick. A friend who lives in Ward One-.... (oh, I wish that person hadn't yelled at me. It's so hard not to do it) just emailed me about the Mayor's speech on Monday night. She thought the comment about us not being near a major highway could be memory loss from when we were all campaigning for her in Goodwin Circle. Rt 1 and Rt 128/95 are right there.

My friend's comment also struck a light bulb for me on the whole Lynnway problem. The Lynnway is basically the continuation of the Mass Pike. There are plenty of cars going through our city every single day. City of Lynn Concepts blog has a wonderful idea on how to get that traffic flow into the heart of our city while improving the look and usage of Lynn Beach. We should really think about getting more people behind this idea.  We have a highway, but we refuse to use it correctly.  There's nothing on it, and it doesn't bring us anyone to stop in our downtown. We have a bunch of run-down retail on our highway with a few nice places.  Take a look at's dream for a Super Walmart. I say, bring it on!! I also love her idea of a Lowe's. Trader Joes or Whole Foods would definitely get people to stop on their way home to Swampscott and Marblehead as well as satisfy many Lynners. 

Let's stop saying we're too far from the highways. We just need people to want to get off them when they enter Lynn.


Combat Punch Out Tonight!!!

Go to East Coast Karate in Central Square tonight for Combat Punch Out from 7-8PM. Class is only $10

They are located at 25 Central Square. I know of two Downtowners that will be there tonight. Join them. Meet some new Lynners and get in shape at the same time.

Let me know how it is if you go!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Does Anyone Read the Lynn Item Editorials...

 Or is it just me???

For their sake, I hope it's only me. 

Open up your Item to page A4, oh right, you don't subscribe anymore.... Open up oh right, they don't publicize their editorials to the public.... If you want to pay $.50 you can buy it... oh wait, it's too late.  No wonder the newspaper business is dying.  Ugh...

Sean Leonard gave the paper one more reason to shut its' doors today. His editorial column is so off from what I saw at last night's Inauguration.  I will admit that what follows is my opinion, but I don't think I am alone.

True... Phelan was a good MC last night.

False... Phelan delivered what sounded like a Mayoral acceptance speech.

He began with a joke about keeping his speech short and then proceeded to give one of the longest speeches of the evening.  Saying one thing, acting another... pattern?

I encourage someone to step up and defend Phelan, because there could be good reason, that I've yet to understand. I was happy a few weeks back to hear nice things about Cyr.

I heard crickets while Phelan was speaking. Zero applause breaks. The citizens were not buying what he was selling.  I'm not sure what Sean was listening to but maybe he was in Beverly or something.

Shame on you, Sean Leonard, for pointing out Maria not raising her right hand. Did you seek her comment on that action? Do you know why?

What is your point, exactly, in pointing it out? 

Also, listen to the judge the next time. In no way, did she ask the folks to raise their right hand. She didn't ask the council, and she didn't ask the committee. You can watch it on if you don't have your own copy.

You say Maria perhaps "didn't hear the instructions." Actually, it was you Sean, who did not hear the instructions.

Here are the instructions that were given:

To the City Council:
"Councilors if you would repeat after me and state your own name when I pause"

To the School Committee:
"As I read the oath of office, please insert your name where appropriate. Repeat after me."

Next... You mention Mr. McGee's speech.   He spent more time on Mr. Crighton then Honorable Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy.  If Mr. Crighton's campaign is a sign of his involvement in the downtown area, he will do great things for Ward 5.  I thought the mention of Brendan was great, but McGee's disregard for our new Mayor was obvious and painful to witness.  His speech seemed more to me to be a pledge to do his job, and nothing more. He certainly won't be going out of his way for Judy.

53:13 - McGee, begins - continues to congratulate council and school committee
54:35 - singles out Brendan as a friend and states he's headed for big things
55:55 - done with Brendan - on to the Mayor - wishes her "luck" and thanks her family.
56:40 - off of the Mayor and on to economy
57:53 - done with speech

1:20 on Brendan
:45 on Judy and that's being generous as he spent most of that time talking about her family.

Total speech was 4:40. 

So thanks Sean, but no thanks. Your editorial commentary did nothing but deceive the public that wasn't there to witness the event for themselves. Thank god for

I would also like to thank the editor who posted the positive article on Judy on the left side of the editorial page. Why no signature? Scared? Clancy's gone and he took all his files and paper clips with him. We don't need to be scared anymore.

Wishing for an Item alternative,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Largest turnout of citizens in a long time

Talked to some officials after the event and they were all commenting on how many citizens turned out for tonight's event.  There were a lot of city employees and politicians but the number of citizens was impressive.

Excellent evening. Great vision expressed. We are all in the driver's seat. Time to get our thoughts out there.

In mayor Flanagan Kennedy's words, "Dream Big".

There will be (or already are) forms at City Hall for you to fill out each and every time you experience city hall. Make sure youfill them out. What isn't working for you? Let's fix it!

Yours excitedly,
Corey Jackson

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Moment of silence

For former mayor Pat McManus

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Dream Big!

Mayor Kennedy's address can be summed up in those two words. Big dreams will bring big results for the future of Lynn.

She started with a call to action to reach out to our neighbors and become a united Lynn.

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Oaths of office

Judy is now your mayor!!!!!

City council getting sworn in now.

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Thunderous applause

Marks the entrance of our new mayor. A little dissappointed that everyone on our council is a white male.  Take a look at this picture. Is this Lynn?

 To be fair. This isn't all of them. Two other white males had left to escort the Mayor in to the auditorium.

Kennedy's son then gave the crowd a great rendition of the star spangled banner on saxophone to kick things off.

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Inauguration about to begin

Right now there is a judge, a priest, and a rabbi on stage. In the City of Sin, you need these peeps!

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Mayoral Inauguration Tonight!!!

Tonight at 7PM at City Hall our new Mayor, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, will be sworn into office along with members of the City Council and School Committee. According to the item it is open to the public. I will be posting to twitter during the event when there are items of interest to report. You can also check in on this blog after the event for a full post. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a lot of good photos as well. According to one poster a few weeks back, the inauguration will also be aired live by LynnCAM on public access television.

After tonight, it's our job to keep all our elected officials honest and keep them on course towards creating a better Lynn. I really hope I don't have to come up with nicknames for this batch of officials.

I suppose I should lay down my sword for a moment and thank Mayor Clancy (it's so hard not to make a joke here) for his service to Lynn for the past 8 years as Mayor and in other roles before then. I wish him the best of luck on whatever is next. 


Sunday, January 3, 2010

They're Talking About Lynn - Chopped Ham and A Bag of Fries!!!

Short, but oh so sweet memory of Downtown Lynn from my uncle, John Jackson. General Electric employee, owned and operated the gas station at the fork in the road in Swampscott along the beach for years, and is now back with GE in North Carolina. I'm sure he's laughing at our foot of snow from where he is today.

From former Lynner, John Jackson

Going Downtown in the mid to late sixty's was all about getting a chopped ham sandwich at Johnny Joyce's with a huge bag of french fries. The bag would drip of grease before you reached the corner...ooh so good! From there it was off to a movie at either the Warner, Capitol or Paramount theater.

I remember it as a clean, safe place where friends met to wander around and visit the candy shop or one of the department stores. And don't forget that dump of a Chicken place my brother worked in! I worked there for one day and couldn't stand the smell.

Good luck, I think if you can get people to care and take an active part in taking back the city it can be a great place. 


The food item is a recurring theme in this series. Whether it be the tuna sandwich, the ham sandwich, the fries or the chocolate. The Blue Ox burgers fit that bill the best nowadays. Big Belly had one killer Italian sub, but he closed down. What are we missing? What's out there I don't know about? There really is no lunch destination down here. When I want lunch I go to Mino's or Fauci's in Wyoma. Sometimes I'll get a kabob salad from Atha's on Boston Street. George's on Broad has a good roast beef and a great kabob salad. Readers??? What do you eat when you're downtown?

Thanks John for sharing that memory with If any of you have a memory you'd like to share, shoot me an email at You can be anonymous or have your 10 seconds of fame. It's up to you.  :-)


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Don't End Up Like This Guy

The Snow Emergency is on!!! They have begun towing. Last I heard, we're in for a foot of the white stuff. I'm happy to be snowed in and my car is safely stowed in the MBTA garage. If you don't want to spend the $4 (worth it to not have to brush a foot of snow off your car), you can use the Buffum lot located behind the Machine Lofts.

Hoping to head out with my camera tomorrow morning to get some good Lynn, Lynn City of Sin pics while it's disguised in the purest white.

Happy New Year everyone!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Move those cars...

Blue lights aren't on but I just watched two cars slide off the road on exchange street. Unless you want some new dents, I'd get your car out of the way. The blue lights will no doubt go on at some point tomorrow.

Enjoy the snow-in weekend.

Happy new year!!!


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