Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brown v. Coakley


Things have been too quiet around here.

What does Downtown Lynn need more?

I wanted Capuano. I hate Coakley. I'm leaning Brown.

Convince me that Coakley is worth our vote? Or, make me feel better for leaning Brown?

I feel like I'm a man without a party. We picked the wrong Democrat and I'm really not a Republican. I swear! :-)



  1. What is it about Coakley you don't like? Is it her positions on the issues? Her personality? Conversely what is it you like about Brown? I'm going with Coakley as she will stand with the Democrats on healthcare reform.

  2. Coakley would be the 60th Democrat. Another puppet for Obama

    Health care reform is a mess--
    (the latest i've heard is taxing people on their benefits--Unions are exempt)
    Ie if your healthcare plan is valued at 20k a year you get to pay tax on it) How much is that going to help people?
    I cannot think of one positive thing about her. her attitude, her past rulings and her horrific tv ads.
    I'm proud to be a Republican and am happy to see and hear of lots of Democrats as well supporting Brown....I hope he wins!

  3. I think our forefathers wanted checks and balances when they wrote the constitution. I don't feel like we have that today and while I do support our President, I fear for the future based on the constant bailouts. I didn't agree with the bank bailout, I didn't agree with the car bailout, I don't agree with continuing to give people homes who can't afford homes with more tax credits, and the list goes on.

    I feel Martha is on board with continuing this spending spree, but my biggest problem with her is ethical. I think the Fells Acre scandal really did expose her as a political monster and a fraud, not a crime-fighter. There was no justice sought there. How can we put someone like that in the Senate?

    I can't give her my vote.

    As for Scott Brown, I agree with him that the health care bill we have today is not the right bill. We need to try harder. I believe what they are attempting on the Federal level will ruin the progress we've made in Massachusetts.

    I'm a Democrat. I'm for Scott Brown. :-)

    And, I'm proud of our new Mayor for standing proud amongst a sea of Democratic support for Martha as a voice for fiscal responsibility and supporting Scott Brown for the US Senate.

    Maybe I'm more then leaning Brown. :-)


  4. I just read some unsettling statistics on Scott's voting and commentary when it comes to gay marriage. I guess this shouldn't have surprised me. This might push me over to Joe Kennedy. I can't vote for Martha.

    Why don't we ever have decisions like this where at least one of the potential winners is a winner?

  5. This is the perfect election to vote for the third party candidate. Brown vs Coakley is like deciding between a root canal and a colonoscopy !


  6. Corey,
    You say you support the President and he does not support gay marriage. Throughout his campaign, President Obama said he supports civil unions just like Brown does. I am a total supporter of gay marriage, but I'd rather use my energy to change Scott's mind on one issue than give my vote away to a third party candidate who will help Martha win.
    As for Martha, she will just be another rubber stamp dem! You are correct about her - the Fells Acre scandal was a big deal and did expose her for what she truly is. However, I hate her most because of the disgusting flyer she just sent out over this holiday weekend claiming Brown would deny care to all of our state's rape victims. This is a blatant lie that was sent out at the very last minute so there would be no time for Brown to refute it. She is truly despicable and should be sued at the very least!
    From Anonymous Ellen (another Democrat voting Republican)!


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