Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Does Anyone Read the Lynn Item Editorials...

 Or is it just me???

For their sake, I hope it's only me. 

Open up your Item to page A4, oh right, you don't subscribe anymore.... Open up oh right, they don't publicize their editorials to the public.... If you want to pay $.50 you can buy it... oh wait, it's too late.  No wonder the newspaper business is dying.  Ugh...

Sean Leonard gave the paper one more reason to shut its' doors today. His editorial column is so off from what I saw at last night's Inauguration.  I will admit that what follows is my opinion, but I don't think I am alone.

True... Phelan was a good MC last night.

False... Phelan delivered what sounded like a Mayoral acceptance speech.

He began with a joke about keeping his speech short and then proceeded to give one of the longest speeches of the evening.  Saying one thing, acting another... pattern?

I encourage someone to step up and defend Phelan, because there could be good reason, that I've yet to understand. I was happy a few weeks back to hear nice things about Cyr.

I heard crickets while Phelan was speaking. Zero applause breaks. The citizens were not buying what he was selling.  I'm not sure what Sean was listening to but maybe he was in Beverly or something.

Shame on you, Sean Leonard, for pointing out Maria not raising her right hand. Did you seek her comment on that action? Do you know why?

What is your point, exactly, in pointing it out? 

Also, listen to the judge the next time. In no way, did she ask the folks to raise their right hand. She didn't ask the council, and she didn't ask the committee. You can watch it on if you don't have your own copy.

You say Maria perhaps "didn't hear the instructions." Actually, it was you Sean, who did not hear the instructions.

Here are the instructions that were given:

To the City Council:
"Councilors if you would repeat after me and state your own name when I pause"

To the School Committee:
"As I read the oath of office, please insert your name where appropriate. Repeat after me."

Next... You mention Mr. McGee's speech.   He spent more time on Mr. Crighton then Honorable Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy.  If Mr. Crighton's campaign is a sign of his involvement in the downtown area, he will do great things for Ward 5.  I thought the mention of Brendan was great, but McGee's disregard for our new Mayor was obvious and painful to witness.  His speech seemed more to me to be a pledge to do his job, and nothing more. He certainly won't be going out of his way for Judy.

53:13 - McGee, begins - continues to congratulate council and school committee
54:35 - singles out Brendan as a friend and states he's headed for big things
55:55 - done with Brendan - on to the Mayor - wishes her "luck" and thanks her family.
56:40 - off of the Mayor and on to economy
57:53 - done with speech

1:20 on Brendan
:45 on Judy and that's being generous as he spent most of that time talking about her family.

Total speech was 4:40. 

So thanks Sean, but no thanks. Your editorial commentary did nothing but deceive the public that wasn't there to witness the event for themselves. Thank god for

I would also like to thank the editor who posted the positive article on Judy on the left side of the editorial page. Why no signature? Scared? Clancy's gone and he took all his files and paper clips with him. We don't need to be scared anymore.

Wishing for an Item alternative,


  1. Great post and critique Corey. I'm beginning to think that too many of our citizens in Ma cities and towns are afraid to speak up - were it not for it citizens none of this politicians would see the light of office.

  2. Thanks Lucie.

    I also got a few personal emails of support on this article. I wish more people would comment here. You can post anonymously. I don't care. Just be heard.

  3. Sean needs to put a cork in it

  4. The Lynn Item, more than writing, has another important philanthropic role for the community.

    They are at most of the events. They are taking pictures of someone's child, school sporting event, charity, business opening, memorable moments, properties, etc...

    The Lynn Item could offer the incentive to subscribe to the paper, by where only subscribers could have access to request a download of pictures captured from various places in the city of their family members or property.

  5. Yes, the Item does a great deal of good in the community and we're fortunate to have a surviving daily in Lynn. I think we should support it.

    But like any news organization, its secondary responsibility is to remain a credible source of information to its audience. Its primary responsibility is to earn enough money to stay afloat, so it can carry out priority #2.

    And then there's the editorial page. Do you stoke the flames or preach to the choir? Regardless, any claim made by a newspaper's editorial staff must be backed up by accurate information. Sean Leonard is entitled to his point of view, but intentional or not, misrepresented events as proven by the video.

    It's the job of the 4th estate to keep government in check. It's the job of citizens to keep journalists on top of their game. Corey did the right thing by pointing out the faults with Sean Leonard's article.

    In fact, I think what Corey did is healthy for the paper. I shudder to think at the lows news media would sink to if audiences didn't question...oh wait.

  6. The Item is absolutely an important resource for this town, it is in the wrong hands. That was proven over and over again during the election and they continue to prove it now.

    I support them with my $10/month to get the electronic version of the paper.

    They keep me informed, but I have to constantly be suspect of their angle on stories. There seems to be a lack of journalistic integrity.


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