Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exploring Downtown Lynn: Central Ave

As you leave Central Square heading towards Washington Street, you hit a short stretch called Central Ave. Along this street there is a lot going on both in store fronts, behind the scenes, and in potential new hot spots.

The first thing you always see as you hit Central is at the corner of Central and Munroe, Lenni's Hair Styling Barbershop. Always tons of people inside hanging out. They are always cutting hair. This place is happening. Come check it out.

Right next to Lenni's is Natural's Hair Salon. Seems to be for the ladies while the guys are getting their barbershop on at Lenni's.

47 Central is located on the right after the lights. They have lots of events including Karaoke on Thursday nights.

Cal's News is located right next to 47 Central. News, smokes, snacks, coffee, etc. Busy spot in the mornings. Lots of police officers stop in there for their morning paper and coffee. Cool Hard-Core Lynner spot.

I'm now wondering if this is a joke as one reader posted. Clancy's Coffee Shop, coming soon (Since about October). I'm thinking this one ain't happening.

And finally, Supreme Bakery is open and needs your business. I have yet to be in here as I'm not much of a bakery person. I usually head to Eastern Ave for D'Amici's when I'm in need of a cake, but I wil try this place out soon. Anyone else been here?

Welcome to Central Ave folks.  Next week I'm going to hit Munroe and Oxford. Then on to the bigger projects of Market, State, and Union.


  1. great signage. The more colorful the better. Essentially I like how they use simple wood boards, engraved or not. I wish to eventually go around and take pictures of the 'good signage' as a good example.

    thanks for the sharing these images of downtown.
    It was interesting to read a few posts online recently on various sites, in which people are writing how they wish to move back to Lynn. can't help but wonder if all the murmur of blogging is helping create those positive feelings again.

    thanks again.

  2. That's a great bakery. I went a couple of times before I learned I had to stay away from wheat. I miss the stuff, I wasn't even into cakes and cookies much.

    47 Central is the most accepting night spot I know north of Manhattan. You can be any orientation, dress in any style, be any age, and no one judges. There's also never a cover. They don't play my kind of music, but I have a good time when I go with neighbors.

  3. Corey, might want to contact you know who.

  4. Corey- check this out...


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