Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exploring Downtown Lynn: Central Square

As a Central Square resident, I am pretty excited about the progress I've seen in the past three years. When I moved in to my building, I was the second resident and the Dunkin was under construction. Nothing else existed under our residences. Now, every storefront is filled. Let's check it out!

I get a large black and they know it!!!! That large black is always waiting for me when I get to the front of the line and I don't need to utter a word.

This place is a summer gem in Downtown Lynn. They sell Richardson's ice cream (at least I think it's still Richardson's). It's very good. They've also done some very amazing things for the youth in our city. I'm fat enough, so I don't frequent this place as much as I would like to.

Haven't been in here, being Jewish and all. I have a feeling they might not have much to sell to me :-) I think it's great that they're here though. Has anyone else been inside?

I wish Poblanos would do a bit better then Print Shop posters. I think we're at saturation point with markets downtown. They've been constantly reinventing and trying to sell various items. I think I see clothing in there now. Not sure this one will stick. 

Fantastic new karate and fitness studio run by Master Lou Hopkins. Many of the downtown residents have started taking classes with Lou and his staff. My wife posted on here about the Combat Punch Out class and has now taken the Cardio Combo class as well. Loves them both and can't wait to go back. I might even go to Cardio Combo at some point.

In between East Coast and RAW is Columbia Insurance Agency. I forgot to get a picture of that place as it's easy to miss. A very small door and no real street presence. Run by a stellar business leader in the City of Lynn, John Olson. I believe he owns the building and held out to get the perfect tenants underneath the agency. East Coast Karate is a great addition and John Olson is to be commended for not letting just anything populate that prime spot in Central Square.

I can't say enough about RAW Art Works. The service they provide to our youth is unmatched. The involvement of the community and the City of Lynn with incredible fundraisers is fantastic. The event at Zimman's this year is one to remember and brought so many people into Downtown.

Travel agent anyone? I didn't even know Travel Agents still exist. Has anyone used their services? I would like to better understand what they offer in here.

Omar & Oscar is a great jewelry store. Fantastic service and great people. My wife has a watch from there and a few pairs of earrings. Everything is great quality. You should definitely check this place out, the next time you need jewelry of any kind.

Ah yes, the long-awaited  Turbine Wine Bar. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Mayo Group (The Mayonaisse Group, as I like to call them) is to blame for the delay. I think I still see construction going on, which probably means that they had to get Mayo to fix some obvious flaws with the building. The residents above this place have had major problems for years. I do not envy this owner, and I hope if it is Mayo's fault, that he sues the hell out of them.

UPDATE: Turbine Wine Bar is now OPEN for business as of March 2, 2010.

Welcome to Central Square. Come and visit us sometime!!!


  1. Interesting blog about the businesses in Central Square. I have a feeling you'll be going into the Travel agent to see what it has to offer. It sounds great to be living in this area of Lynn.

  2. howabout a 'grand reopening' fair.. to spark some awareness and interest to downtown again. with bands, art vendors, food...the works.

    i'll stop dreaming again... back to work


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