Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exploring Downtown Lynn : Exchange Street

Thought it might be interesting to expose what is down here to those who haven't been able to walk around Downtown for a while. There are a lot of unique offerings down here. Come check em out! Over the next few months, I'll tackle this project a street at a time. 

Lynn Arts always has something interesting going on. Stop by sometime and check out the many galleries. Don't forget to go downstairs to see Jocelyn in the Little Gallery Under the Stairs.

This building is empty currently. Gorgeous architecture and a great space right next to the Lynn Arts building. I wish we could expand the focus of our Museum and Arts facilities to take over more of this space.

Sovereign Bank right across the street from The Lynn Item building

Charlie's is a very good morning joint for the weekday crowd. I was in there once. Very friendly staff and fun people watching. Lynners to the core in this place.

Anyone ever had their hair done at Textura?

This seems like a very unique offering for Downtown. A Russian store offering Russian food, books, and DVDs. I'm sure there is a lot more to offer once you go inside. It wasn't open on Sunday so I wasn't able to take a closer look.

Annie's is also a great breakfast/lunch option during the week.

The Lynn Item building is also on Exchange Street.

So, have you been to Exchange Street lately?



  1. Great photos. I love the Charlie's Junction Deli sign. And if not for a strong enough backlash against the stupid and un-evenly enforced "Gold on Black" sign ordinance, we could have lost it.

    I've bought cards at the Russian store for my non-Russian speaking friends for the fun of it. We don't have any idea what they're saying. :) They also have great chocolate!

  2. You never gave me any Kalinka cards. :-)

    It's kind of funny. I am directing a show right now where the main character really wants to take the train to Russia. We are using a dance mix of the song "Kalinka" at the end of the show as part of the soundtrack.

    It means the "snowball tree" or "snowberry"

    I don't know what that means for the store on exchange street, but I like it!!!

    I will buy some Chocolate for Sarah the next time I am around and they are open.


  3. my insurance agent just moved into Exchange st. into a nice building with 50 other offices.

    i believe the growth in dtl is coming quickly

  4. This website is great!  So happy to see Lynn once again becoming a great place to llive.


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