Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Ferry for Nobody to Nowhere Has No Funding No More

So, I know there are several politicians that think a Ferry from Lynn to the Financial District in Boston would be good for the Lynnway. I don't see it. The MBTA garage isn't even used to its' full potential and we're diverting those folks over to the Lynnway to park outside get out of their cars, get on a boat, go to work, get on a boat, get in their cars, go home. The Federal government study says there are about 200 residents of Lynn that this ferry would benefit. Maybe 8.4M could be better spent somewhere else?

Is there anyone out there that sees a use for this ferry? Maybe I'm missing something? I'd much rather see improvements to existing rail service and more of that money funneled into the Year 3000 Blue Line Opening Ceremonies.



  1. I had the same exact feeling when I read that too this morning.

    I would like to see a more developed harbor but for boats which are individually owned for businesses or personal use. for those who wish to open their own 'Water-limo', etc. I would like to encourage a boating community, and help build a community of cafes, lounges, shops, restaurants abutting it. These two seem to go hand in hand.

    if we create a new harbor for a boating community, we should start it right by offering incentives on helping the environment.
    I would like to see lower dock fees for boats which are sailboats, wind turbine or solar which help the waters stay clean.

    the transport masses, as you say, will hurt the community. What should the concept be for - transport or community?

  2. I've talked to Rep. Walsh a few times on this. I think they think this will be a great boon to the area due to people from the North Shore coming in to Lynn from other communities. I'm not so sure about that. I think they all will continue to go to Salem. I also think they believe the Ferry is a key element to the transformation of the Waterfront. If the Ferry service is there, would that be a catalyst for those who work Downtown to move to Lynn?

    I'm not sure. Did that happen in Salem?


  3. i don't think it will help bring much more residents, since the train is in place. & blossom st isn't on the front door step of dtl.

    have they considered ferry stops along the saugus & revere rivers which connect with Lynn at the beginning of Rt1a Lynn by the bridge. (on the north side of rt1a by the water edge...keeping
    the transport mess out of the way.

  4. cont.
    and the river can have a pick up spot by rt 107

  5. and there can be a minor stop at Blossom st...for dtl walkers.

    but the big main stop with parking and all that is at the north west lot of rt 1a.

    another draw up?

  6. From what I've heard, the Salem Ferry is used more by tourists than by commuters because of the time it takes. Does anyone know if that's true?

    It would be a much shorter trip from Lynn, but it might not be as simple as "If you build it, they will come." It hasn't always been the case, so far, the garage being an example.

    But it would still be very nice to be able to get on a boat to Boston, or maybe even take it up to Gloucester-Rockport for a day trip. If a private outfit wants to provide the service, I hope the city wouldn't throw up too many obstacles.

    But I still think it's very important for Lynners to stand up for themselves and assume a "We're not going to take it anymore!" approach on this sort of news.


    We're dealing with blow after transportation blow. The MPO puts the Blue Line on the way-back burner, Salem and Revere get new garages when ours isn't even properly maintained, the East Lynn Commuter Rail stop remains closed, and so on.

    I'm tired of Lynn getting the short end of the stick.

    We can certainly use those stimulus funds, allocated wisely, and from what I understand now, we don't have them at all.

  7. I think when you get over by 107 you run into environmentalists. They are protecting some turtle over there. That's a big part of the hold up on the new plan for our blue line stop.

  8. nice old turtle.

    that's still ok. if we put the intent in proper place, it will allow the links for future development to be possible. even if the wait is another 20 years for a saugus stop. or so.. I don't want to jinx the poor turtle.

  9. I heard an obstacle to the Blue Line was intrusion into the right of way in Revere, that no one has had to answer to?

  10. i remember opposition to the blue line from old lynners a long time ago. they thought it would help bring down the community.

    beyond the needs of the traveling workers or tourists... they were more concerned with increasing crime to the neighborhoods.

    not sure how this would really play out.

  11. Seth

    the old path for blue line was along 1a. The residences right before the bridge with the two level parking garage were allowed to build there. We would have to take that back by emminent domain and no one is going to do that.

    New plan was to re-route to other side along commuter rail tracks. A turtle lives there and apparently you can't just move a turtle. You have to dig tunnels and hope he chooses to go through it.

  12. The idea that the Blue Line would bring crime is just plain crazy. Does the Green Line bring crime to Newton?

  13. yeah i thought of that too. trying to understand it I thought
    Maybe its cause Newton isn't as serving as Lynn?

    i wished for the blue line once when I went to college and worked in boston.

    maybe it is crazy. or maybe those crazy fools know something? i always wondered.

  14. I'd like to see a proper study done on public transportation and crime. With nothing but my own layman's casual observations, I'd think it would increase real estate value and reduce crime over the long-run.. even if there's a very short-term increase..but I doubt that there would be. Look at Davis Square over the years as an example..The Red Line made it what it is today.

    I think it's a knee-jerk defense from people who are afraid of *ghasp* outsiders.

  15. It doesn't seem to be what's in our way anymore. It's more the about the turtle and the amount of money to now build over the marsh in an environmentally friendly way.

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