Friday, January 29, 2010

Greek Dining in Downtown Lynn

I finally got the chance to check out the new Greek Restaurant that one of the Downtown Lynn readers commented on a few weeks ago. Apollo Restaurant is on Neptune Boulevard which is right on the same stretch as Lynn Housing Authority, North Shore Animal Hospital, and Tipico Restaurant. It's across the street from Lynn Tech and the YMCA.

The food is great. I was initially upset when opening the menu to see a very Americanized version of a Greek restaurant. There aren't enough greek dishes on the menu, but we ordered the few that were there and it was an incredible dining experience. The unique feature of this place is the woodcharcoal grilling. It gives all the food extreme flavor and a smoky quality to die for. The lamb in my souvlaki pita was incredible.

We started with salads. Very fresh ingredients and a great start to the meal. I thank Greece everyday for feta cheese.

We then moved on to our main courses. My wife is a big fan of grape leaves. She got the stuffed grape leaves dinner with rice pilaf.  Was in a very interesting and tasty sauce. She loved them!

I got the Souvlaki Pita with everything on it.


The lamb was so tender and full of incredible flavors from that grill. The feta, peppers, onions, tomato, lettuce, feta and dressing were all so fresh and tasty.  

The place is charming. Just what you would expect from a Greek American restaurant. The menu is full of options for those who like the traditional sub shop fare, or want a taste from the Mediterranean. I saw very few prices over the $10 mark. 

For some tasty Greek food at budget price, you can't go wrong at Apollo Restaurant.

Now... They need a beer and wine license and maybe a slight investment in plates and silverware, so not everything is so plastic. I would recommend this place for takeout or lunch in a heartbeat.  You must check it out. You have to taste what this grill does to meat!!! It's nothing I can describe to you here.  Enjoy!



  1. Did you see falafel on the menu? Some Greek places have it, even though I'm not sure if it's originally Greek.

  2. everything originally Greek.. even pizza... lol

    I'm heading there today for lunch u made me hungry

  3. the owner owns an onion ring company too, and delivers fresh onion rings to all the big name restaurants in the north shore.

  4. They tried to get a liquor license and couldn't. It is rumored they would also try to create a old style Greek taverna at night with Greek food, music and dancing. It wouldn't hurt other local business because it would mostly attract the Greeks and their friends who go to other Greek places outside the city.

  5. Katerina, do you know what's going on with the Greek Taverna on Oxford Street? I never see anyone in there - except for one or two people who may just be the owners. It has a liquor license.

  6. I <3 Greek food. I should call and ask how they cook their rice pilaf. If it's vegetarian (i.e., not cooked in chicken stock), that plus grape leaves sounds like a delicious dinner!

  7. Rebecca, if you find out, let me know! I'm a gluten-sensitive vegetarian having a hard time eating in Lynn.

  8. Seth,
    I think you are referring to
    Something Irresistable Cafe?
    I havn't been there in many years. If it's the same business.
    It was just a bar then.
    I don't know if the owner is different now. If it is the same person, i can guess why there are only 2 ppl in there :)

  9. It's called "Greek Taverna" and is right next door to Simply Irresistible. Kind of scared to try it given the lack of patronage. The fact that you don't even know about it makes it even scarier.

  10. weird. I hope its new :) no one has heard of it, and cant find them on the web.
    There's so many Greeks in Lynn, its possible someone can stand outside the circle.

    There's also another new Greek restaurant called Pavlos Kouzina, downtown on Washington St.
    I haven't been there yet.


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