Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jamie Marsh - Prove us right!

If there is one thing most of us Downtowners are united on, it's that we love Jamie Marsh. He loves the City of Lynn. He helped restore and reopen High Rock Tower. He was often seen roaming the halls of City Hall with some unearthed treasure from Lynn's past.

He helped many of the Downtown residents with parking issues and issues with our Developers when we first moved in here. We had an absentee Mayor, but Jamie Marsh always seemed to be there for us.

So, if you're listening Jamie, help us get our files back! If you love the City of Lynn as much as we think you do, you'd at least do that for us, right?   I can't imagine anyone who cares about the City of Lynn would want such a reckless transition of power in the highest office of our beautiful city.

Will you help us, Jamie?



  1. in city hall, someone said...
    'Jamie Marsh...he's a really nice guy. your going to like him.'

    He told me to email him on January 11. vacation?


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