Monday, January 4, 2010

Largest turnout of citizens in a long time

Talked to some officials after the event and they were all commenting on how many citizens turned out for tonight's event.  There were a lot of city employees and politicians but the number of citizens was impressive.

Excellent evening. Great vision expressed. We are all in the driver's seat. Time to get our thoughts out there.

In mayor Flanagan Kennedy's words, "Dream Big".

There will be (or already are) forms at City Hall for you to fill out each and every time you experience city hall. Make sure youfill them out. What isn't working for you? Let's fix it!

Yours excitedly,
Corey Jackson

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  1. Thanks for live-blogging this!

    I had to sneak out early to compress and begin uploading the video, in order to get to bed at a decent time (if next door allows).

    I thought the whole event was very well done. I just wish they had nudged the podium over into the light. Or even better, because it had wireless mics and they could have brought it to the center after the performances.

    It was great to see LynnCAM do a multi-camera live shoot, and lots of other semi-pro video and photography equipment from who knows what outlets. There was even a guy with a special zoom lens attachment on his smartphone, mounted on a tripod.

  2. Yeah I was impressed with all the technology around the auditorium. I bet it's the first time the event was live-blogged!! lol

    I just updated the posts with better pictures from my camera.

    The lighting was horrendous so the pics were challenging and didn't come out great, but good enough.

  3. Great job. I hope they put a mechanism for city hall feedback on the website too!

  4. you were right... they really are listening!

    Corey and Seth. Thank you both for keeping us connected in politics!

  5. That's great about the feedback forms. The city hall workers can get credit when they do well, which is always nice to hear, and gives voice to those with less than stellar experiences. They should also have the on-line forms, I agree, and I would ask that they also extend this to people who have to work with city services outside of city-hall so those workers can get credit and critiques as well.


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