Monday, January 4, 2010

Mayoral Inauguration Tonight!!!

Tonight at 7PM at City Hall our new Mayor, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, will be sworn into office along with members of the City Council and School Committee. According to the item it is open to the public. I will be posting to twitter during the event when there are items of interest to report. You can also check in on this blog after the event for a full post. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a lot of good photos as well. According to one poster a few weeks back, the inauguration will also be aired live by LynnCAM on public access television.

After tonight, it's our job to keep all our elected officials honest and keep them on course towards creating a better Lynn. I really hope I don't have to come up with nicknames for this batch of officials.

I suppose I should lay down my sword for a moment and thank Mayor Clancy (it's so hard not to make a joke here) for his service to Lynn for the past 8 years as Mayor and in other roles before then. I wish him the best of luck on whatever is next. 



  1. LynnHappens will also cover it for those who don't have cable or wish to access the video any time from the web.

  2. Awesome, Seth.

    Can't wait to hear Judy's speech.


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