Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Mayor's Call to Action : UNITE

She asked us to Dream Big. I think we're good at Dreaming Big as is witnessed on this blog. So let's put that aside for a moment.

The Mayor had another very important call to action during the inaugural speech. She brought up a Lynn from our past of immigrants coming here, settling here, and working together to build a strong community. This is something we are not very good at today.

For a moment, I ask you to put aside all the commentary on illegals, etc. You can post that stuff on the Item's website, I have no real patience for it.

Focus on the fact that there are legal citizens here from Latin America, Asia, Russia, Greece, Africa, and more. How do we bring some of these conversations together? 

I know this blog is mostly people like me talking to people like me. I don't think that's going to get us very far. What's the next step we need to take to bring our communities together? Or, better yet, are there already venues where you see this happening? Let us know, so we can get involved.



  1. we should be having more fun in this city.

    ethnic groups tend to flock to their places as a village. but they all do a lot for the community by giving to the poor and elderly. some of these places have a hard time bringing their own young adults together. I wonder if the churches/temples/synagogues could create an event together? such as a bb tournament?

    there aren't many events in lynn that are interesting to young adults, other than bars.

    it would be super cool to have more sunset/ night events on the sands of Lynn Beach near the bathhouse building by the rotary. or just let people hang out there freely.
    allowing beach fires (in a designated fire pitt--oh another thing to add to my list of dreams), & volley tourneys, bbq's etc.
    I got a permit once to do this, and bring the young adults of the church together.
    also had a summer bbq softball/volley party at the park in lynn woods. it was cool.

    Also So many good and positive things about this city go unmentioned. They are transparent to everyone's view. This is a very loving, and free city.
    I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

    Dogs, i mentioned in my blog. they help people talk to one another.

    Maybe just sparking conversation with a passerby will help people get used to talking to one another. conversation can be addicting as we find here... :)

  2. i have time to write more:) (my drawing app. has a spinning beach ball.)

    i'ld like to learn more about the other ethnic groups. Maybe if we all shared a little... that would be really cool.

    I'll start!- I'm Greek.
    My family is from the islands, but most of the Greeks in Lynn come from a village on the Spartan front. Harry Agganis, a former RedSox, Patriots and Lynn Classical player was also from there. The Spartan movie raised their pride a great deal. We are members of St. George. Most of us went to Greek School for 6 years in the evenings after 'American School'. There is a strong family tie. Most of the Greek homes in Lynn have gardens of flowers, plants & vines. The curtains are typically sheer with some embroidery. Most like to wear nice clothes, highly fashionable at events. Many of the restaurants are/were Greek owned. Summers in Greece was unbeatable.

    The Albanians are fairly new. Most escaped out of Communist Albania through Greece living there for a while before coming to America. They like sharing the Greek lifestyle. Most started working for Greeks in their restaurants until they saved enough to open their own successful restaurants like Athas on Boston St. & a few others. They are a mix of Christian or Muslims.

    Cambodians lived a beautiful life in their country before the tragic war brought them here. Their lifestyle was beyond words.

    The Jews built most of the beautiful large Victorian mansion-like homes here in Lynn.

    The French had a fairly good community, before they lost St. Jean's to developers.

    My best friend growning up was from a strict Irish Catholic family. both of us couldn't do anything. something in common.. lol

    back to work.

  3. Thank you Katerina. I hope others follow suit. I definitely think there is a gap in understanding of other peoples and cultures around here.

    Peabody has an International Festival every year. Maybe our downtown events need to be more focused on our unique cultures down here. The last meet me downtown seemed to be starting along those lines, but there is large leap forward to get to hear Spanish, Russian, Greek music/dancing, etc in Central Square.

  4. yeah. what makes the North Shore unique especially in Lynn is the cultural richness. Highlighting the attributes that each culture has on the community certainly makes it an interesting place to come & meet people.

    The big difference between the North and South Shore.

    Maybe there could be a monument to signify all the cultures somewhere. or at least an area to display all flags along with our star spangled one.

  5. I suppose I'll pipe in here to add a few facts you might appreciate. There has been a World Festival for the past 3 years at Heritage Park in October. I went last year and really had a nice time. The entertainment/food was fantastic:Italien, Greek/Armenian, African, Latin, Russian, and Serbian?, Cambodian, Afghanie. Unfortunately, the audience was small, about 100 people or so. A gentleman by the name of David Gass and a few others produced it. This is a worthwhile event to attend or volunteer for. I'm choosing to support Lynn's multicultural offerings rather than Cambridge's (as I use to do). Since Lynn has both a multicultural population and wonderful natural resources, I believe it can become my own, wonderful "worldly" city right here on the North Shore. Thanks for sharing about your ethnic background, Katerina!

  6. Colleen, I promoted the World Music Fest on LH but was unable to attend it, myself. I think one of the reasons for the small turnout was that it had to be postponed to the rain date.

    It takes a while for something like that to build up an audience. Don't give up. Word will spread year-to-year and the audience will grow. Keep building it bigger!

  7. From what everyone is saying... unity means a lot of things especially seeing the other side, and seeing how awesome it is as a whole.

    bringing attention to each community is a good idea.
    maybe the city's website & newspaper could list a calendar of the major events from each community; including festivals, tournaments, pagents etc.
    there is so much to experience.

    a Parade would be cool. i've only seen this type done in the olympics.
    each culture could present their music/dance & images, ending w/ food & more fun.

    some groups here are like the Amish. they try to preserve as much of the old way they knew.
    It would be really cool for everyone to know its ok to be different.

  8. is there a tourist like paper or online publication of places of interest in Lynn, including specialty/ ethnic food stores, restaurants, taverns & bars & everything else?

    there is a large resource to reveal. People always ask me where to find good feta and a gyro.

    the lynn chamber of commerce does not offer much information.

    here are just some of the places:
    (some found through searching the internet)

    Kalinka - Russian shop
    D'Amici's Italian Bakery
    Foods of Europe
    Baltic European Deli
    Tony's Greek Market
    Carpinellas Italian Specialties
    el Tipico Restaurant
    Jamaica Flavor
    Pare Y Coma
    El Canayen
    Molly's Irish Pub
    Hibernian Hall
    'asian shops'
    'spanish shops'
    'brazillian restaurants'
    'hatian foods'
    'chinease restaurants'

  9. Perhaps your right Seth regarding the low turnout due to the rain date. It also was quite chilly and windy that day. I wish it could be held during a warmer weekend. I actually left before the last act because I was freezing! I'm sure you are right, it takes time for festivals to gain a large, consistent audience. David Gass kept emphasizing how "special" these early, World Festival tee shirts would be in 10 years! I thought it was rather funny at the time; but I hope he was right in his vision! I will keep going, I hope you all will, too!

  10. Ancestry Percent from year 2000 census

    making Lynn in the top 2% of State, for Ethnic diversity.

    Other (often includes Hispanic and African American) 33.9% (&possibly mix)

    Irish 16.3%
    Italian 10.1%
    US/American 5.6%
    English 5.5%
    French (except Basque) 4.2%
    French Canadian 4%
    Greek 3.1%
    Polish 2.3%
    Russian 1.7%
    German 1.5%
    Haitian 1.2%
    Portuguese 1.1%
    Scottish 1%
    Scotch-Irish 0.9%
    Swedish 0.7%
    Canadian 0.6%
    African 0.6%
    Lithuanian 0.5%
    Ukrainian 0.4%
    Nigerian 0.4%
    Yugoslavian 0.4%
    West Indian 0.3%
    Albanian 0.3%
    Jamaican 0.3%
    Armenian 0.2%
    Welsh 0.2%
    Brazilian 0.2%
    British 0.2%

    *** & this
    highly lacks information on even a list of all the business which are in Lynn. Someone has all the information...can't they organize this better?


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